Dotted or tied quarter on beat two?

Is a dotted quarter note 2 beats?

A dot after the quarter note adds ½ beat (½ of the original value). A dotted quarter note equals 1½ beats.

Why use tie instead of dotted note?

4.3 Dots and Ties

A tie links two notes together to create a new duration. Ties occur between notes of the same pitch. A slur , which looks like a tie, is placed over or under notes of different pitches and means to play them in a connected manner. A dot added to a note increases the duration of that note by half.

Do you play tied notes twice?

When a pair of notes is tied, the second note of the pair is not plucked or attacked again. Instead, the first note is plucked/attacked and held for the duration of both notes.

Can dotted notes be tied?

Tied Notes

A dotted half lasts as long as a half note plus a quarter note. The same length may be written as a half note and a quarter note tied together.

What note is 2 beat?

half note

You may have noticed that we have a means of counting 1 beat with the quarter note, 2 beats with the half note, and 4 beats with the whole note.

What note plays 2 beats?

half note

A half note is half the time of a whole note (like cutting the pizza in half). So a half note gets 2 beats.

What is the tie between two notes called?

A slur is a curved line that connects two or more notes of different pitches. A slur means the notes should be played as smoothly as possible, with no space in between.

What does a tie between two notes mean?

A tie is a way of increasing the length of a note in a place where writing a single note of a longer value isn’t possible. A tie is a curved line linking two notes of the same pitch, like this: In this example, we have a tie between two quarter notes.

What are the rules for tying notes?

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What dotted note has 2 beats?

Dotted Half Notes

Dotted Half Notes (Dotted Minims)

A half note, or minim, has the value of two beats.

Is a half note Always 2 beats?

The half note gets two beats; so you will play the note and count to two. The dotted half note gets three beats and the duration with four beats is the whole note.

What note has 2 half beats?

Reading Music : Note Value

Name (USA) Name (England) Duration
Whole Note Semibreve 4 beats
Half Note Minim 2 beats
Quarter Note Crotchet 1 beat