How did the pretender end?

The series finale closed with both characters being nearby an exploding bomb. The ending did not reveal whether Jarod and/or Miss Parker survived the blast. The next year, the telemovie The Pretender 2001 picked up directly from this cliffhanger, leading into Jarod’s next adventure.

Are Jarod and Miss Parker related?

Ethan. Jarod and Miss Parker’s half-brother. Ethan’s birth parents are Catherine Parker and Major Charles.

How many seasons did The Pretender last?

four seasons

The series ran for four seasons from , with 86 episodes produced, plus two television film sequels that aired on TNT in 2001.

Who was Jared’s father on The Pretender?

Major Charles

Major Charles is a character in the former NBC TV series The Pretender. He was portrayed by George Lazenby and the young Major Charles was portrayed by David Cowgill. Only known as Major Charles, not known if this is his first or last name. He is the father of Jarod, Kyle, Emily, and Ethan.

What was the center in The Pretender?

The Centre is a corporation run by the chairman, Mr. Parker in Blue Cove, Delaware. In 1963, they kidnapped a boy named Jarod in order to harness his genius for their research. The Centre’s North Tower is memorialized in a brand new official website

Does the professor and Miss Parker get married?

She is in love with Professor Oglevee, despite his apparent hatred of her. In the series finale, she eventually wins him over after five years of chasing him and they get married.

Did The Pretender ever find his parents?

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Who does Ms Parker end up with?

She is also known to have a massive crush on Professor Stanley Oglevee. She has gone through his stuff and has chased away his many girlfriends, including his on/off girlfriend Veronica Cooper. After 5 years of chasing him, she finally marries him in the episode, “At Last”.

What is Miss Parker’s first name?

Catherine Parker

The Pretender (TV Series 1996–2000) – Andrea Parker as Miss Parker, Catherine Parker – IMDb.

What happened to Mr Parker in the pretender?

After Catherine supposedly died, Mr. Parker stayed single for a very long time, but eventually remarried. His second wife Brigitte gave him a son, known only as Baby Parker. The paternity of the child is suspect and has never been proven.

Where is Mrs Parker from Friday?

Kathleen started her entertainment career early at the age of 8, in her home town of Girard, Ohio, just two miles east of Youngstown. Shortly after graduating, Kathleen moved to Los Angeles where she began winning numerous beauty titles, including Miss Black California.

Is Miss Parker still alive?

β€œThe movie will keep them alive,” she told The New York Times in 1984. β€œI am just an emissary, God’s worker to bring glasses to the world.” Miss Parker, who died at 100 on April 13 on Long Island, didn’t just cajole music out of glasses.

What is Parker’s husband?

Characters. Ma Parker, his charwoman. She was born in Stratford-upon-Avon. Mr Parker, a baker, Ma Parker’s deceased husband.