How did the song “Plush” by Stone Temple Pilots get its name?

What does plush mean?

: a fabric like a very thick soft velvet. plush. 2 of 2 adjective. : made of or like plush. : very luxurious.

What does plush mean in slang?

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What does plush mean toy?

/ˌplʌʃ ˈtɔɪ/ (North American English) ​a child’s toy, typically an animal, made of and filled with soft material synonym soft toy. His favorite plush toy was a cute purple kitten.

Is plush meaning soft?

plush adjective (SOFT)

soft to touch: He sank into the chair’s plush leather cushions.

Does plush mean luxurious?

Things that are plush are luxurious and a little over the top. A bedspread made of mink fur would be considered plush. Plush originally referred to a rich, soft type of fabric, and it’s now used to describe anything extravagant.