How did toddy almost drown?

How did Toddy almost drown? A racoon held his head under water.

What does the Wool Pooh symbolize for Kenny?

Whatever else it might be, the Wool Pooh is definitely a symbol for death. It shows up first when Kenny is about to drown and then again at the church after the bomb goes off. Kenny is the only person who sees the Wool Pooh, and both times, he’s really scared.

What does Dad claim being a grownup is like?

He tells Dad that being a grownup seems real scary and he doesn’t think he’ll ever learn how to do it. Dad says being a grownup is scary at first, but with some practice it gets a little easier. He confesses that he and Momma don’t always know for sure if they’re doing the right thing either.

What warnings are the Watson Kids given about Collier’s Landing?

I Meet Winnie’s Evil Twin Brother, the Wool Pooh. Byron, Joey, and Kenny are headed out for a swim. As they leave the house, Grandma warns them not to go to Collier’s Landing because a little boy got caught in a whirlpool there and drowned.

Who reported seeing Kenny in the church after the explosion?


Byron told Kenny that he was the bravest of all the Watsons because he was the only one who had gone into the church looking for Joey after the explosion. Byron also pointed out that it had to be a part of Kenny that Joey saw across the street waving, which is why she left the church before the bomb exploded.

Why does Pooh only wear a shirt?

In lieu of using Shepard’s illustrations, which Slesinger opted not to license, he drew his own—possibly basing his new Pooh off of Shepard’s shirted illos. Hence, shirt. By the early ’30s, Slesinger’s Pooh was one of the most popular characters in America.

Why does Kenny hide behind the couch?

Kenny hides behind the couch because he’s waiting to see if the magic powers will work to make him feel better, too. Momma starts making Kenny do stuff with Rufus, but Kenny doesn’t feel like playing with toys anymore, so he gives all his dinosaurs away. She also makes Kenny do stuff with Byron and Joey.

What is special about Kenny’s gloves?

Kenny has been wearing gloves to help get a better grip on the ball for some time. By utilizing a pair of specialized football gloves, Kenny is able to slightly extend the length of his fingers and make better use of the surface area that he already has with the gloves’ enhanced grip.

Why did joetta leave the church who saved her?

Joetta explains that she left the church because she was so hot. Then she saw Kenny wave to her so she chased him down the street! The boy Joetta saw was not actually Kenny though.

Why doesn’t Kenny like the toilets at the rest stops?

In Ohio, the family pulls over at a rest stop to use the bathroom. But Kenny and Byron are horrified to find that the toilets are really just wooden boxes with holes cut into them. They smell foul, so both Kenny and Byron decide to do their business in the woods.

Does Kenny believe in the Wool Pooh?

Kenny thinks he sees the Wool Pooh when he gets swept up in the real whirlpool. He also thinks he sees the Wool Pooh when he goes inside the bombed-out church to look for Joey. Get the entire The Watsons Go to Birmingham—1963 LitChart as a printable PDF.

Who saves Kenny from the Wool Pooh?


Kenny believes that Byron saves him by fighting off the Wool Pooh underwater.

Why did Kenny only have one pair of his leather gloves?

In chapter 4 of The Watsons Go to Birmingham 1963, why did Kenny only have one pair of his leather gloves? He lost a pair on the playground.