How do I delete a branch on GitHub?

On, navigate to the main page of the repository. Above the list of files, click Branches. Scroll to the branch that you want to delete, then click . If you try to delete a branch that is associated with at least one open pull requestpull requestPull requests let you tell others about changes you’ve pushed to a branch in a repository on GitHub. Once a pull request is opened, you can discuss and review the potential changes with collaborators and add follow-up commits before your changes are merged into the base branch.

How do I completely delete a git branch?

How to delete local Git branches

  1. Open a Git BASH window or Command Window in the root of your Git repository.
  2. If necessary, use the git switch or checkout command to move off the branch you wish to delete.
  3. Issue the git branch –delete
  4. Run the git branch -a command to verify the local Git branch is deleted.

How do I delete a branch from GitHub manually?

Start by navigating to the main page of the repository that hosts the branch you want to delete. Then, click the Branches button. You’ll see a list of branches in the repository. To delete a branch, click the trashcan icon next to its name.

Why can’t I delete my git branch?

It’s worth noting that you can’t delete a branch that has been checked out. So make sure you are on either the master or the main branch when you run the command that deletes all other branches, otherwise you will run into an error when Git tries to delete the branch that you currently have checked out.

How do I remove a remote branch from GitHub?

To completely remove a remote branch, you need to use the git push origin command with a -d flag, then specify the name of the remote branch. So the syntax representing the command for removing a remote branch looks like this: git push origin -d branch-name .

Can you delete a base branch?

Yes. Unless you have done work on feature_1 after you started feature_2. I have added some more git-foo to make sure that you’ll not lose any work.