How do I delete multiple records in Salesforce?

From Setup, enter Mass Delete Records in the Quick Find box, then select Mass Delete Records and click the link for the type of record to delete. Review the information that is deleted with the records.

How do I delete multiple rows in Salesforce?

Mass Delete in Salesforce

  1. Step 1 – Click “Your Name” -> Setup -> Data Management -> Mass Delete Records.
  2. Step 2 – Choose the record type you wish to delete.
  3. Step 3 – Specify conditions for selected items, such as “State equals New York” or “City equals Toronto.”

How do I delete 10000 records in Salesforce?

delete[SELECT id FROM MyObject]; You can only delete 10,000 records using this method at a time so to avoid hitting the limit, you can change it to the statement below: delete[SELECT id FROM MyObject LIMIT 10000]; For more information about Apex Developer Console, visit here.

How do I delete multiple events in Salesforce?

On the Event detail page, click on the Delete button. Click on the Delete All Following button.

How do I bulk delete an activity in Salesforce?

You can mass delete tasks via the Mass Delete Tool or by running a report or export, then delete the records with the Data Loader.

Delete records via the Mass Delete Tool:

  1. Navigate to Setup, enter Mass Delete Records in the Quick Find box, then select Mass Delete Records.
  2. Click Mass Delete Activities.

How do I delete millions of records in Salesforce?

How to Mass Delete Records in Salesforce

  1. Navigate to Setup.
  2. In the Quick Find box, type Mass Delete Records and select it.
  3. A list will appear with what records are available to delete.
  4. In the first step, Salesforce will tell you exactly what data will be deleted by this process, and where it will go.

How do you delete multiple rows quickly?

If you want to delete multiple rows or columns at the same time, you can use the Ctrl+Shift+- shortcut. Simply select the rows or columns you want to delete, and then press the Ctrl+Shift+- keys on your keyboard. All of the selected rows and columns will be deleted.

How do I delete more than 50000 records in Salesforce?

To overcome this limitation in the standard salesforce view screen, we have many ways to delete multiple records.

  1. Mass Delete Records. Setup –> Data Management –> Mass Delete Records.
  2. Developer Console. We can used the developer console to delete multiple records.

How do you remove millions of records from a table?

By far, the fastest way to delete a bunch of records is to use the TRUNCATE TABLE statement. This is much faster than the DELETE statement because it does not log any of the row-level delete operations. However, you can only use TRUNCATE TABLE : To delete ALL the records in the table.

What is mass delete tool in Salesforce?

How to Mass Delete Records in Salesforce

How do you select and delete multiple rows?

To delete multiple non-adjacent rows into your worksheet, select the first row you wish to delete by clicking on the row header, and then, holding down the Control key, click on each additional row that you wish to delete. Right-click on the row header and select Delete.

How do I delete multiple rows in a table?

If you want to remove more than one row or column, select a cell in each row or column you want to delete. Under Table Tools, click Layout, and then click either Delete Row or Delete Column.