How do I push to a different branch in GitHub?

In order to push your branch to another remote branch, use the “git push” command and specify the remote name, the name of your local branch as the name of the remote branch.

How do I push to a different branch?

Push a new Git branch to a remote repo

Clone the remote Git repo locally. Create a new branch with the branch, switch or checkout commands. Perform a git push with the –set-upstream option to set the remote repo for the new branch. Continue to perform Git commits locally on the new branch.

How do I push to a specific branch in GitHub?

Check your branch

  1. Create and checkout to a new branch from your current commit: git checkout -b [branchname]
  2. Then, push the new branch up to the remote: git push -u origin [branchname]

How do I push a remote branch to a different name?

If you want to push to a remote branch with a different name than your local branch, separate the local and remote names with a colon: git push origin local-name:remote-name .

How do I commit to a specific branch?

Conclusion. To push to a specific branch in Git, open Git Bash and navigate to the directory from which you want to push files to the remote branch. Then, initialize the directory using the “$ git init” command. Next, run the “$ git add .” command to add all files.