How do you get a life tree sapling in Merge dragons?

Life Tree Sapling A few ways to obtain these Life Flowers are by merging three or more Life Tree Sprouts, through Dimensional Jars, or through Level Rewards. They can also be bought for 150 Dragon Gems from Kala’s Shop. 

How do you get a dragon tree sapling in Merge dragons?

Dragon Tree Saplings can be created by merging Dragon Tree Leaves, which can be harvested from Prism Flowers, Dragon Trees, and Glowing Dragon Trees, and spawn from Dragon Trees of level 7 and higher. They can also be created by merging or growing Dragon Tree Seeds, which can be obtained as free Level Rewards.

How do you get glowing Trees in Merge dragons?

Summary. Glowing Dragon Trees can be found by merging Dragon Trees. There is a small chance that merging standard Dragon Trees of level 2 and above will yield Glowing Dragon Trees as a by-product (for more information please see this table).

Where is the whoops button on Merge dragons?

Quote from video: So if ever you noticed when you're in your world map area there's the setting button in the bottom left corner.

Where can I find a dragon tree sapling?

Get 5 Dragon Tree Leaves to merge together for Dragon Tree saplings! You can find Dragon Tree Leaves from harvesting Glowing Dragon Trees and Prism Flowers. The best is to get Pearlescent Chests and make 5 merges! You can also get Dragon Trees from some of the World Map Levels Rewards.

What is the point of haunted houses in Merge dragons?

They can be harvested for Creepy Treats of various levels which are used to gain points for rewards in the Event.

Is there any reason to keep wonders in Merge dragons?

The Dragon World has Wonders, which are the highest item of specific Merge Chains. They can be tapped for lots of goodies. None of them can be merged further (with the exception of Lilac Unicorn Topiary and Enchanted Horn Topiary), and give additional rewards every X hours actively played in Camp.

What is the fastest way to get Fruit Trees in Merge dragons?

How to Gain

  1. Merge 3 to 5 Fruit Tree Seeds.
  2. Let Fruit Tree Seeds grow.
  3. Merge 3 to 5 Leaves of a Fruit Tree.
  4. As Level Rewards.
  5. Open Moon Chests or Phobos Chests.
  6. Open Dragon Egg Chests harvested from Fruit Trees.
  7. Tap the Shimmering Spring or the Fountain of Faith occasionally.
  8. Rarely from Friend Gifts.

How do you make a dragon tree?

How to Grow a Dragon Tree

  1. Make your cuttings. Cut a piece of a dragon tree stem that is about eight inches in length.
  2. Put your cuttings in water. Submerge the piece of stem into a glass of water, making sure that none of its lower leaves are touching water.
  3. Prepare your soil.
  4. Choose your container.
  5. Plant your cutting.

How do you breed a dragon tree?

The Tree Dragon can be bred by using any two dragons, in either order, containing the Plant and Earth elements at any Breeding Cave.

How do you start the dragon tree seed?

Sowing description: Scarify the seeds with some sand paper and then soak them in lukewarm water for 24 hours. For sowing use sowing mix and keep the temperature around 25 degrees Celcius. The soil needs to be constantly moist, but not wet. Germination can occur after several weeks to months.