How do you play the ancient Egyptian game Senet?

How do you play the Egyptian game Senet?

The rules

  1. Place the pieces on the top row (squares 1 –10) of the board alternating between spools and cones.
  2. The youngest throws the sticks or rolls the dice first, then the other player.
  3. Throw the sticks or roll the dice to move one of your pieces.
  4. One square can only have one piece on it at a time.

What is the game Senet trying to teach?

In the New Kingdom, the game senet, which means “passing,” became associated with the journey to the afterlife. Some of the squares of the game corresponded to the hazards a person might meet on their journey to the afterlife, while other squares helped the players.

Is Senet similar to chess?

The game Senet is very similar to the current game of chess. It was composed of 30 squares in three rows, and each row had 10 squares. Pawns would move in those squares, but it is not yet known how exactly the game worked.