How do you sign play in ASL?

To sign play, for the ASL letter ‘Y’ with both hands: stick your thumbs and pinkie fingers out, while curving the rest of your fingers in. Then wiggle both ‘Y’ hands around and in front of you, as if suggesting a bunch of kids playing or running about.

How do you say please and sorry in Sign Language?

Quote from video: Please oh sorry thank you please thank you sorry everyone feel good when you say please thank you sorry just the way you should. Please it's a flat hand on your chest.

How do you say more please in ASL?

Quote from video: More do you want some more food to do the sign for more you put your thumbs to your fingers. And then you put them. Together.

Can I have some please in Sign Language?

Quote from video: Please can i have that book please to do the sign for please you put your hand flat on your chest. And then you need to circle it a couple times.