How do you spell Sistren?

SistrenSistrenA sistrum (plural: sistra or Latin sistra; from the Greek σεῖστρον seistron of the same meaning; literally “that which is being shaken”, from σείειν seiein, “to shake”) is a musical instrument of the percussion family, chiefly associated with ancient Egypt.

How do you spell cistern water?

a reservoir, tank, or container for storing or holding water or other liquid. Anatomy.

What does the word Sistren mean?

Noun. sistren (plural sistrens) (Rastafari) A close female friend, family member, or comrade.

What is the term cistern referring to?

Definition of cistern

1 : an artificial reservoir (such as an underground tank) for storing liquids and especially water (such as rainwater) 2 : a large usually silver vessel formerly used (as in cooling wine) at the dining table. 3 : a fluid-containing sac or cavity in an organism.

What is a Bredren?

Definition of ‘bredren’

1. a friend or comrade. 2. a group of friends or comrades. Word origin.

Can you call a female brethren?

Originally, brethren was simply the plural of brother, and sistren the plural of sister. Shakespeare used both the words “brothers” and “brethren” to mean the same thing.

What do you call a woman from Wales?

Quote from video:

Why do people call each other Bru?

Bra (brah) or bru. Nothing to do with underwear at all, but an informal term for “my friend” or “mate”, deriving from “brother”. ‘He’s my bra but that team he supports is rubbish.” Bru stems from the Afrikaans for brother, broer.

What does Bredrin mean in Jamaican?

Noun. bredrin (plural bredrins) (Rastafari) A close male friend, family member, or comrade.

What does sisters before misters mean?

Proverb. sisters before misters. (slang) A woman should prioritize her female friends over her boyfriend or husband.

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