The Weeknd’s Platinum Achievements: A Remarkable Career in the Music Industry

The Weeknd, the Canadian singer, songwriter, and record producer, has undeniably made a significant impact in the music industry over the years. With his unique sound and captivating performances, he has amassed a dedicated fan base worldwide. One of the notable aspects of his career is the number of times he has achieved platinum certifications for his albums and singles, underscoring his commercial success and artistic prowess.

Platinum Success: Albums and Singles

Throughout his career, The Weeknd has released several albums and singles that have achieved platinum status. Let’s take a closer look at some of his notable platinum achievements:

1. Debut Studio Album: “Kiss Land”

The Weeknd’s debut studio album, “Kiss Land,” released in 2013, made an impact right from the start. The album received multi-platinum certification in both Canada and the United States, reflecting its widespread appeal and commercial success [1].

2. Second Studio Album: “Beauty Behind the Madness”

“Beauty Behind the Madness,” The Weeknd’s second studio album released in 2015, further solidified his position as a prominent figure in the music industry. The album sold over one million copies in the United States and achieved platinum certification [1]. Additionally, the single “The Hills” from this album attained a remarkable 11× Platinum certification in the US [1].

3. Third Studio Album: “Starboy”

In 2016, The Weeknd released “Starboy,” his third studio album, which propelled him to even greater heights of success. The album reached number one on the charts in multiple countries and received multi-platinum certifications in Australia, Canada, Sweden, and the United States [1]. Its popularity and critical acclaim further solidified The Weeknd’s place as a global superstar.

4. Fourth Studio Album: “After Hours”

The Weeknd’s fourth studio album, “After Hours,” released in 2020, became a monumental success. It topped the charts in various countries and produced chart-topping singles. Notably, the single “Blinding Lights” from this album achieved tremendous success, breaking records on the Billboard Hot 100 and earning platinum certifications [1]. The song’s popularity led to it being ranked as the No. 1 Greatest Hot 100 Hit of All Time by Billboard [1].

5. Fifth Studio Album: “Dawn FM”

The Weeknd’s fifth studio album, “Dawn FM,” released in [insert year], continued his streak of platinum achievements. The album, along with its lead single, “Take My Breath,” has been certified Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) [3]. This certification further solidifies The Weeknd’s status as a consistent hitmaker.


The Weeknd’s career in the music industry has been nothing short of extraordinary. His consistent ability to produce platinum-certified albums and singles speaks to his talent, innovation, and widespread appeal. With each release, he continues to captivate audiences and push musical boundaries. The Weeknd’s platinum achievements are a testament to his incredible success and enduring impact on the music industry.


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How many times has The Weeknd gone platinum?

The Weeknd has achieved platinum certifications multiple times throughout his career. His albums and singles have garnered widespread commercial success and have been certified platinum by various industry organizations.

Which albums by The Weeknd have achieved platinum status?

Several albums by The Weeknd have achieved platinum status, including his debut studio album “Kiss Land,” “Beauty Behind the Madness,” “Starboy,” “After Hours,” and “Dawn FM.”

Has The Weeknd received platinum certifications for his singles?

Yes, The Weeknd has received platinum certifications for several of his singles. Notable among them is “The Hills,” which has been certified 11× Platinum in the United States.

How many platinum certifications does The Weeknd have in total?

The Weeknd has accumulated numerous platinum certifications for his albums and singles over the years. The exact number of platinum certifications he has received is not specified, but his achievements include multi-platinum certifications for albums and platinum certifications for singles.

Which songs by The Weeknd have achieved platinum status?

Several songs by The Weeknd have achieved platinum status, including “The Hills,” “Blinding Lights,” and “Take My Breath.” These songs have enjoyed immense popularity and have been recognized with platinum certifications.

Has The Weeknd achieved diamond certifications for any of his songs?

While The Weeknd has not achieved diamond certifications for his songs, he has earned notable achievements such as multi-platinum and platinum certifications for his music.

Does The Weeknd have platinum certifications outside of the United States?

Yes, The Weeknd has received platinum certifications for his albums and singles in various countries around the world. His music has enjoyed international success and has been recognized with platinum certifications in Canada, Australia, Sweden, and other territories.

How have The Weeknd’s platinum achievements impacted his career?

The Weeknd’s platinum achievements have had a significant impact on his career. They showcase his commercial success, broad fan base, and artistic appeal. The consistent recognition of his albums and singles with platinum certifications solidifies his status as one of the most successful and influential artists in the music industry.