How many types of chrysanthemum are there?

Nicknamed “Mums,” chrysanthemum flowers are the second most popular flowers in the world, next to rose. There are 40 wild species and thousands of varieties of chrysanthemums.

What type of chrysanthemums are there?

Mums, Chrysanths, Decorative Chrysanthemum, Pompon Chrysanthemum, Single Chrysanthemum, Double Chrysanthemum, Anemone Chrysanthemum, Quill Chrysanthemum, Spider Chrysanthemum, Irregular Incurve Chrysanthemum, Reflex Chrysanthemum, Regular Incurve Chrysanthemum, Intermediate Incurve, Spoon Chrysanthemum, Brush or

Which chrysanthemum is best?


Chrysanthemum ‘Avalon White’ – A popular, pom-pom shaped white flower which blooms in cream and white. Chrysanthemum ‘Golden Yellow’ – Perfect for rockeries and garden beds, Golden Yellow chrysanthemums will provide bring a sunny pop of colour to any landscape.

What are the two types of mums?

Button mums tend to form sprays or several stems arranged like a small bouquet. The flowers are small and packed with petals. Cushion mums are a type of hardy mum or garden mum. They earn their name from the way they form a mound or cushion of bloom.

How many colors of chrysanthemum are there?

Chrysanthemum flowers bloom in a range of colors in shades of white, yellow, orange, lavender, purple, or red; as well as bicolor flowers.

How many years do chrysanthemums live?

three to four years

The chrysanthemum lifespan is only three to four years and while it could last longer than that, it will get more susceptible to winter damage with each passing year.

What is the difference between chrysanthemums and mums?

What Is the Difference Between a Mum & a Chrysanthemum?. In addition to being a British English for “mom,” mum is the term commonly used for the more than 30 species and numerous cultivars of the showy perennial flower called the chrysanthemum (Dendranthema x grandiflorum, formerly called Chrysanthemum

Which chrysanthemums keep bugs away?

The yellow center of the ‘killer chrysanthemum‘ contains a natural toxin that is a powerful insecticide. This flower, the pyrethrum plant, contains a potent chemical that is made into an effective, and environmentally friendly, insecticide.

What color of chrysanthemums symbolize death?

White chrysanthemum

White chrysanthemum blooms are reserved for funerals and decorating graves. In several European nations, including Belgium, Italy, France and Austria, chrysanthemum symbolism has to do with death. The only time chrysanthemum flowers are given in these nations is as a token of comfort, grief or bereavement.

How do you identify chrysanthemums?

Chrysanthemum (Dendranthema x grandiflorum)

The Chrysanthemum is a much-branched, erect, herbaceous perennial with simple leaves which are alternately arranged. The leaves are lobed, lanceolate to ovate, often hairyand thick, with a strong fragrance.

Which chrysanthemums are perennials?

Garden mums, also known as hardy mums, are perennial mums. Cut-flower chrysanthemums, like spider mums or football mums, are perennials in Zones 5 to 9, and these types are becoming easier to find for sale online.

What month do you plant chrysanthemums?

If you’re using a mum as a perennial, plant in early spring, or in the fall at least six weeks before the first killing frost. If you’re using chrysanthemums for a pop of fall color to boost your late season garden, plant them when they’re blooming in later summer or early fall and treat them as annuals.

Do chrysanthemums grow back every year?

Chrysanthemums are perennials, going dormant in winter, then re-sprouting in spring.