How much did United Airlines pay for Rhapsody in Blue?

United first licensed “Rhapsody in Blue” in 1987, agreeing to pay an annual fee of $300,000 to use the composition in its ads, recalls the Cambridge Music Handbook for the piece. Before that, United used a song that revolved around its slogan, “Flying the friendly skies.”

What is United Airlines current slogan?

Good Leads The Way” is the tagline for the new effort and features United employees “doing the right thing for customers and communities” on behalf of the airline.

What is the song in the United Airlines commercial?

Rhapsody in Blue.

No matter where they’re traveling, they’re all listening to “Rhapsody in Blue.” As of this week, any chewing gum or hair dye brand can join United Airlines in the use of George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue.

Is United a commercial airline?

On March 28, 1931, UATC formed the corporation United Air Lines, Inc. to manage its airline subsidiaries. Thus, United Airlines makes the claim to be the oldest commercial airline in the United States by dint of its Varney acquisition.