Jimmy Garoppolo’s Salary: A Breakdown of His Earnings

Contract Details

Jimmy Garoppolo, the talented quarterback for the Las Vegas Raiders, is currently earning a lucrative salary under his contract. Let’s delve into the details of his contract and explore how much he gets paid.

Garoppolo signed a three-year contract with the Raiders, worth a total of $72.75 million. This substantial deal reflects the team’s confidence in his abilities and the value they place on his contributions to the organization.

Guaranteed Salary

A significant portion of Garoppolo’s contract is composed of guaranteed salary. In total, he is set to receive $33.75 million as part of the guaranteed portion of his contract.

This guaranteed salary is split between different years of his contract. Garoppolo’s 2023 base salary accounts for a portion of the guarantee, while an additional $11.25 million is guaranteed for the 2024 season. This provides him with financial security and stability throughout the duration of his contract with the Raiders.

Contract Restructuring and Cap Space

In order to manage their salary cap and create flexibility for roster moves, the Raiders recently restructured Jimmy Garoppolo’s contract.

The specific details of the contract restructuring have not been disclosed publicly. However, reports suggest that this restructuring allowed the Raiders to create $17 million in cap space for the 2023 season. This move demonstrates the team’s commitment to optimizing their financial resources while ensuring they can make necessary adjustments to the roster.

By restructuring Garoppolo’s contract, the Raiders have positioned themselves to navigate the challenges of the salary cap and make strategic moves to enhance the team’s competitiveness.


Jimmy Garoppolo’s salary with the Las Vegas Raiders reflects his value as a talented quarterback in the NFL. With a total contract worth $72.75 million and a significant portion guaranteed, Garoppolo’s earnings demonstrate the team’s confidence in his abilities and their commitment to his success.

Additionally, the recent contract restructuring has provided the Raiders with $17 million in cap space for the 2023 season, allowing them the financial flexibility to make necessary roster moves.

Overall, Garoppolo’s contract showcases his importance to the Raiders and highlights the team’s strategic approach to managing their salary cap and maximizing their resources.



How much is Jimmy Garoppolo’s contract worth?

Jimmy Garoppolo’s contract with the Las Vegas Raiders is worth a total of $72.75 million.

What is the guaranteed portion of Jimmy Garoppolo’s contract?

Garoppolo’s contract includes $33.75 million in guaranteed salary.

How is the guaranteed salary divided between the years of his contract?

The guaranteed salary is split between Garoppolo’s 2023 base salary and a salary of $11.25 million in 2024.

Did the Raiders restructure Jimmy Garoppolo’s contract?

Yes, the Raiders recently restructured Garoppolo’s contract.

How much cap space did the contract restructuring create for the 2023 season?

The contract restructuring created $17 million in cap space for the 2023 season.

What were the reasons behind the contract restructuring?

The contract restructuring aimed to help the Raiders become cap-compliant and provide flexibility for in-season roster moves.

Were the specific details of the contract restructuring disclosed?

No, the specific details of the contract restructuring have not been publicly disclosed.

How does Jimmy Garoppolo’s salary compare to other quarterbacks in the NFL?

Comparisons to other quarterbacks’ salaries would require additional research and analysis beyond the scope of this article.