How to change drum pads pressure sensitivity in Novation Impulse 61 Midi Keyboard

How do I turn off velocity on Novation Launchkey?

Pad Velocity

It is now possible to turn off the MIDI velocity output from the pads on the Launchkey Mini. This can be useful for giving a more consistent velocity output when performing with the pads. To toggle the Pad Velocity control on or off press the orange pad [second from the left] in the settings page.

How do I set up Novation impulse?

Plug the flat end of the USB cable into a free port on your computer. We recommend you plug the Impulse into the computer directly rather than via a USB hub. MAC – On Mac OS X the keyboard will simply connect. WINDOWS – Install the latest Novation USB driver from

How do I change the velocity curve on my Launchkey?

The velocity curve on Launchkey Mk1 and the Launchkey Mini is fixed and cannot be changed. To suit different keyboard playing styles, Launchkey Mk2 lets you select the relationship between key velocity (i.e. how hard you hit the keys) and volume.