How to write sheet music without having pitch reference?

Can you transcribe music without perfect pitch?

Does it require absolute pitch to listen to a song and perfectly transcribe it onto sheet music? If by “absolute” pitch you mean “perfect pitch,” then the answer is no. Relative pitch is the ability to recognize a note from its relationship to a previous or concurrent note.

Is there a better way to write sheet music?

The Dodeka music notation is an alternative music notation that writes musical notes in a more intuitive, easier to learn and less confusing way. The notation is clear, visual and easy to understand, as well as works with every musical instrument.

How do you write music without knowing notes?

Now let’s look at some ways to compose music even if you can’t read a note of music.

  1. Start humming. …
  2. Just use your instrument. …
  3. Use a free or cheap plugin and MIDI controller. …
  4. Download music notation software. …
  5. Write out the letter notes. …
  6. Work with musicians who can play by ear.

Can you compose music without knowing music theory?

So, Can You Compose Without Theory? Technically yes – if for instance you surround yourself with very competent musicians that can transcribe what you sing, find the chords to that melody, create the sounds that you have in mind, etc… then yes, you can definitely compose without knowing theory.

Is transcribing music illegal?

Want to simplify some music for your beginning chorus or transcribe a piano piece for flute? Arranging a copyrighted musical work requires the permission of the copyright owner.

Do all professional musicians have perfect pitch?

How rare is perfect pitch? Out of every 10,000 people, only between 1 to 5 of them will have perfect pitch. Out of every 10,000 musicians, however, between 100 and 1100 (that’s 1-11%) may have the gift. Perfect pitch is also observed to run in families, which suggests it’s at least partially genetic.

How hard is it to transcribe music?

Transcribing is difficult but it is very important. It builds your ear training skills, and helps you understand when, how, and why to use certain melodic pieces over certain chords. In this way, it can help you to build your vocabulary, which will help you in improvisation, writing music, or learning new songs.

How do you transcribe audio unclear?

When you cannot understand the audio at all, instead of guessing, you can mention [inaudible] or [unintelligible] in the transcriptions to indicate that part of the recording wasn’t clear to transcribe. You could use symbols like ‘-‘ or ‘….’ or write [several inaudible words] to indicate unclear sounds.

When a person can sing a song without an instrument they have perfect pitch?

If you have perfect pitch – or ‘absolute’ pitch – you can sing or play any note on the spot, with no former guiding note. Only about one in 10,000 people have it, so if you do have the knack – go you.

Will I get copyright issue if I change the pitch of an audio?

There are so many myths about changing the pitch, tempo, or removing the lyrics from a track. But the bottom line is, if the track you’re using is copyrighted and you edit it, you’ll have created what is known in copyright law as a derivative work.

How much do I have to change a song to avoid copyright?


According to internet lore, if you change 30% of a copyrighted work, it is no longer infringement and you can use it however you want.

How do I change the pitch of a song to avoid copyright?

Changing the pitch will not avoid copyright infringement. You would need to substantially change the original work in order to make it truly original.