Is Daphne from eggheads dead?

Why did Daphne leave Eggheads?

Daphne was on Eggheads from the start to May 27th, 2014 when she retired and was replaced by CJ de Mooi. The show’s production had moved from London to Glasgow in 2013 and logistics were making it too difficult for Daphne to continue on the show.

What has happened to Chris on Eggheads?

Hughes lost out in the head-to-head with 3 correct answers to Bruce’s 4 out of 4. He is currently a member of the regular panel of quiz experts on the UK television show, Eggheads.

Who is the new Egghead on Channel 5?

presenter Jeremy Vine

Who presents Eggheads on Channel 5? TV and Radio 2 presenter Jeremy Vine will be returning to host the series on Channel 5. The 56-year-old broadcaster has been presenting the TV show since 2008 when it previously aired on BBC Two.

What is the most money won on Eggheads?


The highest amount any team has won to beat the Eggheads is £75,000 in 2007 (Series 8, Episode 14) by a team of Oxford Brookes University students, Beer Today, Gone Tomorrow.

Which of the Eggheads died recently?

Tremendous Knowledge Dave — Egghead Dave Rainford — died suddenly at 51 and everyone on the show still misses his banter, his quizzing smarts and his smile.

How much do the Eggheads get paid per episode?

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Is Pat Gibson still married?

Is Pat Gibson married? Pat Gibson is married to Shelagh, and they have with two children, Elizabeth and Noah.

Why did tremendous knowledge Dave leave Eggheads?

Dave was a regular on Eggheads since 2012 after taking over from CJ de Mooi. But he revealed he was battling an undisclosed illness last year after fans grew concerned over his absence. He said: “Brand new Eggheads starting on Monday.

What did Kevin Ashman do for a living?

Kevin Clifford Ashman (born 2 November 1959) is an English quiz player. He is often considered one of the greatest quizzers in the world, and since 2002 has been a professional quizzer; he has been an Egghead since 2003.

What does Steve from Eggheads do?

Steve Cooke (1969-) is a quizzer from Bolsover, Derbyshire. He and Beth Webster are the newest Eggheads, by winning Make Mean Egghead in 2016. He made his debut in September 2016. Steve has been on and won The People Versus, scooping £12,900 in prize money, and is a member of Mensa.

Where is Barry on Eggheads?

Barry Lawrence Simmons (born 1948) is a Scottish-born quiz show contestant, the winner of the first BBC Two TV show Are You an Egghead?, and of Brain of Britain 2013. Simmons was born in Edinburgh and now lives in Leeds, West Yorkshire.