Is Ike Turner Jr still alive?

Izear Luster “Ike” Turner Jr.

Ike Turner
Died December 12, 2007 (aged 76) San Marcos, California, U.S.
Genres Rock and roll blues R&B soul funk rock
Occupation(s) Musician record producer talent scout bandleader songwriter
Instrument(s) Guitar keyboards vocals

Did Tina Turner attend Ike’s funeral?

Tina Turner will not attend her ex-husband Ike Turner’s funeral, friends close to the singer say. Ike – who died on Wednesday at his California home aged 76 – was married to Tina for 16 years, during which time he repeatedly physically abused her.

Is Tina Turner still rich?

In 2021, Tina Turner sold her music, likeness, and image rights to BMG for a tidy sum of $50 million. This only further added to her $250 million net worth, according to Celebrity Net Worth, and it’s clear that the icon’s legacy is in a class all by itself. But Tina Turner also has four children as her legacy, as well.