Is Ilocano a language?

Ilocano (also Ilokano; /iːloʊˈkɑːnoʊ/; Ilocano: Pagsasao nga Ilokano) is an Austronesian language spoken in the Philippines, primarily by Ilocano people and as a lingua franca by the Igorot people and also by the native settlers of Cagayan Valley. It is the third most-spoken native language in the country.

What is I love you in Ilocano?

Phrases for Your Special Someone

Mahal kita. I love you. Ay-ayaten ka unay. Mahal na mahal kita. I love you so much.

How do you say sorry in Ilocano?

I’m sorry. Agpakadaakon.

How do you say hello in Ilocano?

Quote from video: Learn Ilocano I good morning good evening good day yummy some alumina but and angle B. So start Mateo good morning or magandang Umaga at the galaxy look I know I the embargo peacock name bad Nabila.

What is Kamusta Ka in Ilocano?

Learn Philippine Greetings in different languages

Hello Kumusta Kablaaw
How are you? Kumusta ka? Kumusta kan?
Good morning Magandang umaga Naimbag a bigat
Good Day Magandang araw Naimbag nga aldaw

What does Ukininam mean?

English Word: Definition: your mother’s private part. Direct Translation – your mother’s private part.

What is Ngarud in Ilocano?

ngarud. Used to express a result, i.e., then, so; or an affirmation, indeed.

What is Kabogera?

AMAKABOGERA can be translated to as “I’m a Kabogera” which means “I’m a stunner”. Moreover, it truly represents the pride of Pinoy music for its stirring artistry.

What does kayat Ka means?

to like, want, desire

to like, want, desire, love.

What are the basic Ilocano words?

Words and Phrases

English Ilocano Filipino/Tagalog
I’m going out. Rumuarak. Lalabas ako.
She/He already went home. Nakaawiden isuna. Nakauwi na siya.
I’m waiting for you. Ur-urayen ka ket. Hinihintay kita eh.
Morning. Bigat. Umaga.