Is Stevie Wonder deaf and blind?

He was born six weeks premature which, along with the oxygen-rich atmosphere in the hospital incubator, resulted in retinopathy of prematurity, a condition in which the growth of the eyes is aborted and causes the retinas to detach, so he became blind.

What was Stevie Wonder diagnosed with?

ROP causes abnormal blood vessel growth in the light-sensing eye tissue called the retina. Left untreated, ROP can lead to lead to scarring, retinal detachment, and blindness. It’s the disease that caused singer and songwriter Stevie Wonder to lose his vision.

Are Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder both blind?

Now, we all know Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder are talented music artists who also are blind. But many do not know that Charles had glaucoma which caused him to go blind at the age of 7.

Which famous singer is blind?

Andrea Bocelli – Singer Andrea Bocelli became blind after a sports accident when he was only 12 years old. However, his blindness never stopped him from achieving success in life.

How did Stevie Wonder’s blindness affect him?

Too much oxygen in the incubator damaged his vision, leaving him permanently blind. His total and complete blindness could have discouraged Stevie from pursuing music, but he didn’t let that stop him from fulfilling his dreams. He always had a great love for music and rhythm, even from a young age.

Why does Stevie Wonder move his head when singing?

He uses a fixed mic to sing into, so can only sway when not singing. He also mostly uses iems (in ear monitors), so wherever his head is, he’ll be hearing the mix he asked for, and not catching anything else around – probably not the audience at all.

Why is Stevie Wonders face scarred?

The car was behind a truck carrying logs; the driver of the truck hit the brakes, causing both vehicles to collide. The accident resulted in Stevie, who was 23 at the time, being in a coma for four days and temporarily losing his sense of taste and smell. (He also left the accident with a large scar on his head.)

Did Ray Charles ever get his sight back?

By the time he was 7 he had completely lost all of his eyesight. Fortunately, Charles never let that get in his way.

Does Ray Charles have a disability?

Ray Charles was starting to lose eye sight at the age of five, and went completely blind in both eyes at seven years of age. Ray went to a school that was for the deaf and for the blind from 1937-45, in St. Augustine. That is also where Ray developed his talent for music.

What surgery did Stevie Wonder have?

Kidney Transplant

Stevie Wonder’s Kidney Transplant: What to Know.