Is the video for the 1986 version of Word Up by Cameo intended to be taken literally, or as a social\political commentary?

What does Cameo Word Up mean?

“Word Up” is a saying that was popular in New York and other urban areas in the US that acted as an affirmation of what was said, kind of a hipper “you bet.” Cameo developed a character around the saying and wrote the lyrics about what he would say.

What year was Cameo Word Up?

“Word Up!” is a funk and R&B song originally recorded by American funk band Cameo in 1986. It was released as the first single from their twelfth album, Word Up! (1986).

What film is Word Up by Cameo in?

The song is featured in 10 Things I Hate About You at Bogey Lowenstein’s party.
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What is the meaning of OneRepublic Counting Stars video?

This song is about Ryan’s financial problems that he had before he got married to Genevieve. Since he couldn’t afford to pay bills so therefore, this song has a beautiful meaning that counting money, doesn’t really make your life any better.

Is cameo a social media?

Cameo is a website and mobile app that lets you request personalized video messages from celebrities. Founded in 2016, Cameo connects fans with their favorite actors, athletes, musicians, performers, creators, and social media influencers.

What does cameo mean on social media?

Cameo is a platform that connects celebrities to their fans through their site and their app. Cameo allows users to pay certain celebrities for customized shoutout videos to share on their social media platforms.

Is cameo a real thing?

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