Meaning of “Red Flags” and “Bites the Dust” in Sia’s song, Elastic Heart?

What is the meaning behind SIA’s elastic heart video?

The song’s lyrics and video are meant to evoke Sia’s relationship with her father, meaning that Ziegler is intended to represent the singer, while LaBeouf is the father figure.

What is elastic heart video about reddit?

There are many specific interpretations of the struggle, but ultimately I believe the overarching theme of this video is an inward struggle to be creatively free, and the need to be responsible and accepted by society.

Who is the little girl in Elastic Heart?

Maddie Ziegler

Sia’s latest video, “Elastic Heart,” depicts an interpretive-dance cage match between 28-year-old Shia LaBeouf and 12-year-old Maddie Ziegler – best known for Dance Moms and Sia’s own Grammy-nominated “Chandelier” clip – dressed in skin-colored leotards as they tussle.

How old is the girl in Elastic Heart?


Story highlights. Sia’s new video, “Elastic Heart,” features 28-year-old actor Shia LaBeouf and 12-year-old “Dance Moms” star Maddie Ziegler, both dressed in dirty, flesh-colored leotards, playfully approaching, touching and running from one another in a zoo-like cage.

Is Elastic Heart about addiction?

Sia has suffered depression and substance abuse; she even has admitted to contemplating suicide. This song is about being easily breakable; “I’m like a rubber band until you pull too hard,” is one of the most telling lines. She has suffered before, but she bounced back.

When was Elastic Heart made?

It was released on as a single from Catching Fire by RCA, Republic and Lionsgate. “Elastic Heart” peaked at number 7 on the singles chart of New Zealand and was certified gold by the Recorded Music NZ. It also appeared on the charts of Australia, Belgium, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

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What is the meaning of Sia’s chandelier music video?

On “Chandelier,” Sia sings about a wild party girl who is literally swinging from the chandelier at night, but crippled by feelings of intense guilt and shame come morning. The woman in “Chandelier” is surrounding herself with phony friends who don’t really care about her. She’s self-medicating with alcohol.

What is the meaning of Sia chandelier?

Chandelier by Sia is a recent hit song about alcoholism and substance abuse that runs rampant during parties. Some of the lyrics state how “party girls don’t get hurt… cant feel anything” because they drown out their feelings by “pushing down” substances.

What did Maddie Ziegler say about Shia LaBeouf?

‘I really did bite Shia,’ she added, ‘And it was gross because we were dirty and I had to bite his dirty hands. ‘ ‘I kept wiping myself off and I kept handing the wipes to Shia and he was like, “I don’t need the wipes” and I was like, “Yes, you do,” the young dancer recalled. ‘I brought perfume and everything.