Music video that involves two kids and monster like creatures

The Music Video with Two Kids and Monster-Like Creatures: Uncovering a Hidden Gem


Music videos have always been a captivating medium for artists to enhance their songs and engage their audience. With the use of imaginative visuals and compelling narratives, these videos can leave a lasting impact on viewers. In some cases, music videos venture into the realm of fantasy, featuring characters like monsters or creatures. This article aims to explore the possibility of a hidden gem within the music video landscape, specifically one that involves two kids and monster-like creatures.

Exploring the Music Video Landscape

Music videos are a diverse art form, offering a wide range of concepts and visual storytelling techniques. While many popular music videos are well-known and widely recognized, there are also hidden gems that may not receive the same level of attention. These hidden gems often offer unique and unconventional narratives, providing viewers with a fresh and captivating experience.

Themes in Music Videos

Music videos often incorporate themes related to childhood, innocence, and imagination. The use of child actors or childlike elements can evoke a sense of nostalgia and wonder. Additionally, the inclusion of fantastical creatures or monsters can add an element of mystery and adventure to the narrative.

The Band and Their Visual Aesthetic

To further explore the existence of a music video featuring two kids and monster-like creatures, we can turn to the band Of Monsters and Men. Known for their indie folk-pop sound, the band has demonstrated a penchant for visually captivating music videos. While the specific video in question may not be widely known, the band’s artistic style and willingness to experiment suggest the possibility of such a concept within their repertoire.

Potential Sources and Hidden Gems

While the specific music video may not be easily found through a general search, there are sources that can provide valuable insights. The Wikipedia page for Of Monsters and Men offers information about the band’s discography, including their music videos. Although the specific video may not be mentioned, it provides a foundation for understanding the band’s visual direction.

In addition, articles that compile lists of iconic or notable music videos can serve as a resource for discovering hidden gems. These articles often highlight videos that have made a significant impact on the music video landscape, shedding light on lesser-known but visually stunning creations.


Music videos have the power to transport viewers into imaginative worlds and evoke powerful emotions. While the search for a specific music video involving two kids and monster-like creatures may require more extensive research, the existence of such a hidden gem is not implausible. Drawing from the diverse landscape of music videos, the artistic style of Of Monsters and Men, and the potential sources available, it is evident that there is room for unique and captivating narratives within this medium.



Are there any music videos that feature two kids and monster-like creatures?

Answer: While specific music videos fitting this description may not be widely known, there is a possibility that such music videos exist. Music videos often explore imaginative and narrative-driven concepts, and the combination of two kids and monster-like creatures is not uncommon in this medium.

Can you provide examples of music videos that involve children and fantasy creatures?

Answer: While not specific to the description provided, there are notable music videos that incorporate children and fantasy creatures. For example, Coldplay’s “Strawberry Swing” features a child’s hand-drawn adventure with various imaginative elements. Björk’s “Triumph of a Heart” showcases a child interacting with a humanoid cat. These examples demonstrate the potential for music videos to blend children and fantasy creatures in visually captivating ways.

How can I find lesser-known music videos featuring two kids and monster-like creatures?

Answer: Finding lesser-known music videos can be a challenge, but there are several approaches you can take. Exploring the discography and music videos of artists known for their imaginative visuals, like Of Monsters and Men, can be a starting point. Additionally, online communities and music video forums may provide insights or recommendations for hidden gems that fit the description you’re seeking.

Are there any resources that compile lists of unique or hidden gem music videos?

Answer: Yes, there are resources available that curate lists of lesser-known or visually stunning music videos. Websites, blogs, or articles dedicated to music video analysis, such as music industry publications or fan communities, often showcase unique and underappreciated music videos. Exploring these resources can lead to the discovery of music videos that feature two kids and monster-like creatures.

What are some common themes or motifs in music videos involving children and fantastical elements?

Answer: Music videos that incorporate children and fantastical elements often explore themes of innocence, imagination, and the juxtaposition of reality and fantasy. These videos may evoke a sense of nostalgia or convey messages about the power of imagination and the importance of embracing one’s inner child.

Are music videos with two kids and monster-like creatures more prevalent in specific genres of music?

Answer: Music videos with two kids and monster-like creatures can be found across various genres. The prevalence of this theme is not limited to a specific genre but rather depends on the artistic vision and storytelling choices of individual artists or bands. It’s worth exploring a wide range of musical genres to discover music videos that align with this concept.

Can you provide tips for conducting a thorough search for music videos matching this description?

Answer: To conduct a thorough search for music videos featuring two kids and monster-like creatures, consider using specific keywords and phrases related to the description. Experiment with variations such as “music video with children and fantasy creatures” or “music video involving two kids and monsters.” Utilize search engines, music video databases, and social media platforms to broaden your search and discover new sources or recommendations from music video enthusiasts.

Is it possible that the described music video is a lesser-known or independent production?

Answer: Yes, it is possible that the music video fitting this description is a lesser-known or independent production. Independent artists and filmmakers often experiment with imaginative concepts and may create music videos that feature two kids and monster-like creatures. Exploring independent music scenes, underground music platforms, or film festivals dedicated to music videos can increase the chances of finding such hidden gems.