Need help recognizing Bach’s piece

Where do I start with Bach?

The 10 Best Bach Works – A Beginner’s List

  • Orchestral Suites. Freiburg Baroque Orchestra / Petra Mullejans, Gottfried von der Goltz.
  • Brandenburg Concertos Nos 1-6.
  • Violin Concertos.
  • Goldberg Variations.
  • Partitas.
  • Cello Suites.
  • The Well-tempered Clavier.
  • Solo Violin Sonatas & Partitas.

What are the notes for Bach?

In music, the BACH motif is the motif, a succession of notes important or characteristic to a piece, B flat, A, C, B natural.

What was the first Bach piece?

71, Gott ist mein König (God Is My King), of February 4, 1708, was printed at the expense of the city council and was the first of Bach’s compositions to be published.