Original of song used frequently as background for “quiet storm”

Who originated the Quiet Storm?

Melvin Lyndsay

Featuring soulful slow jams, ‘the Quiet Storm’ was pioneered Melvin Lyndsay in the mid-1970s when he was an intern at Howard University radio station WHUR-FM. As a format ‘Quiet Storm’ is still widely adopted by radio stations across the continents.

What is the history of Quiet Storm radio?

Quiet storm is a radio format and genre of R&B, performed in a smooth, romantic, jazz-influenced style. It was named after the title song on Smokey Robinson’s 1975 album A Quiet Storm. The radio format was pioneered in 1976 by Melvin Lindsey, while he was an intern at the Washington, D.C. radio station WHUR-FM.

When did Quiet Storm start?

On a Sunday night in May 1976, a slow jam revolution kicked-off at WHUR-FM. The music genius of a Howard University junior, Melvin Lindsey, filled the airwaves and created the blueprint for a new music format at radio stations across the world, “The Quiet Storm.”

What famous songs did Smokey Robinson write?

Robinson wrote more than 4,000 songs and dozens of Top 40 hits, including “My Girl” for The Temptations, “My Guy” for Mary Wells and “Ain’t That Peculiar” for Marvin Gaye. But Robinson also sang many of his hits: “The Tracks of My Tears,” “I Second That Emotion” and “The Tears of a Clown,” among them.

Why is Smokey Robinson called Smokey?

Robinson’s “uncle” Claude who was actually a friend of his father’s, nicknamed him Smokey Joe, which Robinson initially thought was a cowboy name. He later learned it was a derisive term for dark-skinned blacks.

What song did Smokey Robinson wrote for Stevie Wonder?

Quote from video:

Who is the Quiet Storm person?

They like to dig deep, delving into issues and ideas before moving on to new ones. They are drawn to meaningful conversations, not superficial chitchat, and they know how to ask great questions and really listen to the answers.

What does quiet the storm mean?

Meaning: When you know that something is about to go horribly wrong, but hasn’t just yet, then you are in the quiet before the storm. Country: International English | Subject Area: Weather | Usage Type: Both or All Words Used.

Who was the host of the Quiet Storm on WBLS?

About The Quiet Storm w/ Lenny Green

He has proven that his love for music has made him one of the best in the broadcast industry, receiving Billboard Magazine’s 1999 Air Personality of the Year Award.

Where is Melvin Lindsey buried?

Did you know Melvin? Please share your stories and photos, and help spread the word about this page! Melvin was born March 05, 1955 in Washington, District of Columbia, USA; and died March 26, 1992 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Melvin is buried in Rock Creek Cemetery in Washington, District of Columbia.