Plugging Shure 520DX harmonica mic straight into audio interface

What is a bullet mic?

Harmonica microphone is the first choice of microphone for blues harmonica players. Known as the “Green Bullet”, it features a volume control knob and its base allows the user to make adjustments to suit their needs during live performances.

What is a harmonica microphone?

Quote from video: And instrument recordings. So a good dynamic vocal or instrument mic. And you can kind of lump them in together they're not going to color your sound too much it's just going to make it louder.

Is harmonica good for singing?

Vocals and harmonica share a lot when it comes to the expressiveness for music. If you practice singing you will notice interesting ways of phrasing lines that you can tranfer to your harmonica playing. Well executed phrasing and use of dynamics can really enhance a harmonica performance.

How can I make my voice sound like a harmonica?

Quote from video: So don't use traditional vocal technique use ugly weird drunk crazy people my talk okay so what you need to do is make that sound huh. Take your fingers and pinch your nose. Like this ha ha ha ha.

What mic to use for harmonica?

The Shure Green Bullet 520DX. The Shure 520DX (otherwise known as the Green Bullet) is a legend among harmonica players. With its contoured shape, the Green Bullet fits easily in the hands of a harpist, allowing them to effectively cup the mic and harmonica and get the tone they want and need.

How do you mic a harmonica?

Again, to pick up more harmonica and less breathing it’s a good idea to set the mic below the player’s chin, pointing upwards into the aperture in the hands.

What are the four types of microphones?

There are 4 types of microphone:

  • Dynamic Microphones.
  • Large Diaphram Condensor Microphones.
  • Small Diaphram Condensor Microphones.
  • Ribbon Microphones.