What are the colors of poppies?

Its flowers range in color from white to purple and any shade of red or pink in between. Poppies produce seeds prolifically.

What are the huge poppies called?

‘Goliath’ poppies bear huge flowers on four-foot stems that shimmer in the June garden. When planted in loose soil and full sun, these plants establish deep taproots that result in many years of blooms.

What is the most popular poppy?

Oriental Poppy (Papaver orientale)

One of the most familiar of all poppies is the Oriental poppy. This perennial garden plant is a common feature of northern gardens, with its feathery foliage and orange, red, or salmon flowers that bloom in June and July.

What is the rarest poppy?

Rough poppy

Rough poppy (Papaver hybridum)

The rarest of the poppies, with small red petals that carry a black spot at the base. Its seed capsule is globe-shaped and covered in stiff yellow bristles.