What are three factors that explain why people conform?

People conform for approval and acceptance (normative social influence), out of a need for more information and direction (informational social influence), and to match the behavior of those they admire and want to be like (reference group).

What determines a person’s personality?

Personality is a result of the combination of four factors, i.e., physical environment, heredity, culture, and particular experiences. Here we discuss each factor determining personality separately.

Are we born with personality?

When you’re born, you’re not without personality — it exists in its fundamental form known as temperament. Your temperament, which consists of innate features like energy levels, mood and demeanor, and emotional responsiveness, can then drive the learning experiences that form your personality throughout life.

Does genetics influence personality?

Even identical twins who were raised apart from one another in separate households share such traits. Scientists estimate that 20 to 60 percent of temperament is determined by genetics.