Three-Letter Words Ending with ‘A’

In the realm of language and word games, having a solid grasp of three-letter words can greatly enhance your vocabulary and linguistic skills. This article aims to explore three-letter words that end with the letter ‘A.’ By familiarizing yourself with these words, you can expand your repertoire and excel in word-related activities. Let’s delve into a comprehensive list of three-letter words ending with ‘A’ and their definitions.

Words List


– Definition: A traditional garment worn by some Jewish men during prayer or religious rituals.


– Definition: A Turkish military or administrative officer.


– Definition: Used to express sudden realization or understanding.


– Definition: A member of an indigenous people from Taiwan.


– Definition: Also known as; an alternative name or alias.


– Definition: A wing or winglike structure.


– Definition: A Japanese diver, typically a woman, who searches for valuable sea creatures.


– Definition: A collection of anecdotes or interesting information about someone.


– Definition: A type of fish found in Hawaiian waters.


– Definition: A Polynesian beverage made from the root of the kava plant.


– Definition: Awake; alert; conscious.


– Definition: The sound made by a sheep.


– Definition: A large snake that kills its prey by constriction.


– Definition: A woman’s undergarment worn to support the breasts.


– Definition: Civil Aviation Authority.


– Definition: A Chinese tea.


– Definition: A particular period of time characterized by distinctive features or events.


– Definition: The seventh letter of the Greek alphabet (Η, η).


– Definition: Federal Aviation Administration.


– Definition: A title given to Christian monks or friars.


– Definition: A state in western India known for its beaches and vibrant nightlife.


– Definition: A prostitute; a sex worker.


– Definition: A type of flatbread made in India.


– Definition: A large New Zealand parrot with greenish plumage and a curved beak.


– Definition: A large Hawaiian timber tree with hard, durable wood.


– Definition: A meadow or grassy area.


– Definition: The sound a sheep makes.


– Definition: A monetary unit of Macedonia, equal to one-hundredth of a denar.


– Definition: An extinct flightless bird native to New Zealand.


– Definition: A South American plant related to the wood sorrel, cultivated for its tubers.


– Definition: A small room or private chamber.


– Definition: A unit of weight used in Turkey and Persia, equal to about 1.3 pounds.


– Definition: A grandmother.


– Definition: A Greek word used to express joy or excitement.


– Definition: A form of prayer consisting of short sentences recited by a leader and repeated by a congregation.


– Definition: The female reproductive cells or eggs.


– Definition: A spherical green seed that develops from the pod of a pea plant.


– Definition: A membrane that covers the front surface of the lens of the eye.


– Definition: A type of grass commonly found in North America.


– Definition: In the capacity of; as being.


– Definition: A long, narrow inlet between two sandbanks or coral reefs.


– Definition: A Scandinavian rug with a long, shaggy pile.



Three-Letter Words Ending with ‘A’

What are some commonly used three-letter words that end with ‘A’?

Some commonly used three-letter words that end with ‘A’ include ‘Via,’ ‘Era,’ ‘Sea,’ ‘Tea,’ ‘Pea,’ and ‘Eta.’

Can you provide examples of three-letter words ending with ‘A’ used in a sentence?

– “I traveled to London via Paris.”
– “The disco era brought about many unique fashion trends.”
– “She enjoys walking along the sandy beach and listening to the sound of the sea.”
– “Would you like a cup of tea?”
– “The chef added fresh peas to the stir-fry for added texture and flavor.”
– “The Greek alphabet includes the letter Eta.”

Are there any three-letter words ending with ‘A’ related to animals?

Yes, there are some three-letter words ending with ‘A’ that are related to animals, such as ‘Kea,’ which is a large New Zealand parrot, and ‘Boa,’ which is a type of large snake.

Are there any three-letter words ending with ‘A’ that are used in specific cultures or regions?

Yes, there are several three-letter words ending with ‘A’ that are used in specific cultures or regions. For example, ‘Aga’ refers to a Turkish military or administrative officer, and ‘Ama’ is a term for a Japanese female diver who searches for valuable sea creatures.

Do three-letter words ending with ‘A’ have any special significance in any field or domain?

While three-letter words ending with ‘A’ may not have a specific significance in a particular field or domain, they are a part of the broader vocabulary used in language-related activities, such as word games like Scrabble.

Are there any three-letter words ending with ‘A’ that have multiple meanings?

Yes, there are some three-letter words ending with ‘A’ that can have multiple meanings depending on the context. For example, ‘Ova’ can refer to the female reproductive cells or eggs, as well as be used in a scientific context to denote an oval-shaped structure or a cell layer.

Are there any lesser-known three-letter words ending with ‘A’ worth exploring?

Certainly! Some lesser-known three-letter words ending with ‘A’ include ‘Qua,’ which means “in the capacity of” or “as being,” and ‘Oca,’ which is a South American plant cultivated for its tubers.

Can three-letter words ending with ‘A’ be used in educational activities or language learning?

Absolutely! Three-letter words ending with ‘A’ can be beneficial in educational activities and language learning. They provide an opportunity to expand vocabulary, improve spelling, and enhance language skills. Incorporating these words into educational games or exercises can make learning more engaging and enjoyable.

Remember, expanding your knowledge of three-letter words ending with ‘A’ can significantly enhance your language proficiency and help you excel in word-related activities.