What date is Appleby Horse Fair?

The dates for the 2022 Appleby Horse Fair will be: Thursday 9 June to Wednesday 15 June (with the main days being Thursday 9th, Friday 10th, Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th.) If you come on the Monday or Tuesday afterwards you may be disappointed as there will be VERY little to see.

Where is Appleby Fair 2022?

Appleby Horse Fair 2022 location

The fair is held outside the town of Appleby-in-Westmorland in Cumbria. You will find the fair where Roman Road crosses Long Marton Road which is not far from Gallows Hill.

Can non Gypsies go to Appleby?

Appleby Fair in Cumbria, which now attracts between 40-60,000 Gypsies, Travellers, non-Travellers, tourists and sightseers for one weekend in every June, is currently an unlicenced gathering and is “supported” by the Fair’s Multi-Agency Strategic Co-ordinating Group.

What date is Appleby Fair 2023?

The dates for the 2023 Appleby Horse Fair will be: Thursday 8th June to Wednesday 14th June (with the main days being Thursday 8th, Friday 9th, Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th June.)

Can you buy horses at Appleby Fair?

There is no auction at the Fair. Arrangements are made buyer to seller for cash. The price will usually include extra for Luck Money. If you need livery locally with a view to exporting your new horse abroad, please contact Appleby Tourist Information Centre.

Is Appleby worth a visit?

Is Appleby worth visiting? Yes! If you’re doing the Settle-Carlisle Railway route, visiting Appleby is a great option. Appleby Castle is one of the main highlights of this town market as it’s one of the oldest castles in England, but its green surroundings and quaint houses make it a unique place to visit too.

Do Irish Travellers go to Appleby?

In August 2021, Gypsies and Travellers returned to Appleby after a year that saw the fair cancelled for only the second time in over two centuries. Both occasions were due to disease: in 2001 for Foot-and-Mouth, and in 2020 for COVID-19.

Are Gypsy Travellers Catholic?

Travellers have a distinctive approach to religion; the vast majority of them are practising Roman Catholics and they also pay particular attention to issues of healing. They have been known to follow a strict code of behaviour that dictates some of their moral beliefs and influences their actions.

Can police move Gypsies?

The police have powers to move Gypsies or Travellers off land where criminal activity by them can be established – just as crime committed by settled people has to be proven.

What is the difference between a Gypsy and an Irish Traveller?

There are around 300,000 Gypsy Roma and Irish Travellers in the UK – Roma Gypsies are originally from northern India, whereas Travellers are of Irish origin – and both groups are nomadic. Since 2002, Travellers have been recognised as an ethnic group and are protected under the Race Relations Act.

Where is Appleby Fair located?


The Appleby Horse Fair, also known as Appleby New Fair, is “an annual gathering of Gypsies and Travellers in the town of Appleby-in-Westmorland in Cumbria, England.” The horse fair is held each year in early June, attracting roughly 10,000 Gypsies and Travellers, about 1,000 caravans, several hundred horse-drawn …

Where in the country is Appleby?


District Eden
Shire county Cumbria
Region North West
Country England

Where does Appleby Fair take place?

Appleby Horse Fair is an annual gathering of Gypsies and Travellers in the town of Appleby in Cumbria, which takes place over a week in June, from a Thursday to the following Wednesday, but this is essentially a weekend event the main days being the Friday, Saturday and Sunday.