What does Kevin call the destination of Freak the Mighty in Chapter 9?

1) What is the destination of Freak the Mighty in Chapter 9? Their destination in chapter 9 was a medical research facility. Kevin called it a “fortress”.

What is the quest destination in Chapter 9 Why?

What is the destination a Freak the Mighty in Chapter 9? Their destination was to a medical research facility. Kevin called it a “fortress”.

Where do Max and Kevin have to go to return the purse?

the New Tenements

In Chapter 11 of Freak the Mighty, Kevin and Max travel to the New Tenements to deliver the purse to the damsel in distress. Tenements are run-down, overcrowded apartments in the poor section of the city.

Why does Kevin have to go to the hospital?

Kevin has just been taken to the hospital by ambulance after having a seizure during his thirteenth birthday party.

Where did Max and Freak go in Chapter 9?

The two boys walk for miles until finally they end up at a medical research building. Freak tells Max they do medical experiments in there. In fact, there’s an experimental bionics unit that’s developing a bionic robot for human modification.

What happened in Freak the Mighty Chapter 9?

Summary: Chapter 9: Life Is Dangerous
One day, Freak tells Max to head east. Max doesn’t know where east is, so Freak shows him his compass, which to Max looks just like an Official Cub Scout Compass. No, Freak tells him, this is the compass Lancelot used. Max laughs at the idea that Sir Lancelot was a Cub Scout.

How did Max deal with Kevin’s death?

Max isolates himself for as long as Grim and Gram will let him after the loss of Kevin. It is as if every bit of joy was sucked completely out of him. Max doesn’t even go to the funeral because he is too depressed to be around anyone. Grim makes him go to school, but that is even worse.

What gift does Kevin give Max?


Kevin has made Max an incredible, pyramid-shaped box that unfolds to reveal a small platform at the press of a button. On the platform is a hand-made dictionary of Kevin’s favorite words. Max thinks this is the best present ever as he reads ‘ABSCISSA, the horizontal truth.

How did Kevin save Max’s life?

Loretta Lee tries to save Max but ends up getting strangled by Kenneth, though she survives. Eventually, Kevin rescues Max by spraying a mixture of soap, vinegar and curry powder in Kenny’s eyes, which he claimed was sulfuric acid. In the end, Kenny is jailed.

What happens in Chapter 9 of the selection?

After meeting their fans, the girls have a good idea of their relative popularity. In descending order: Marlee, Celeste, Ashley, and America. They arrive at the palace. Inside they find a crazy scene: the rest of the Selected are in the midst of a serious makeup sesh, while camera-people are scurrying all around.

What happens in chapter 9 of a monster calls?

After the princess falls asleep, the prince goes to his horse, unties it from the tree, and pulls a knife out of the saddlebag. Then he smacks the horse on the butt and sends it running. It turns out that the prince hated the queen, because she was indeed a witch.

What happens in Chapter 9 of the time machine?

The Time Traveller and Weena start to travel back. On the way through the forest, the Time Traveller collects firewood so he can build a fire when they stop for the night. They don’t get as far as he expected, and he needs a hand free in case he needs to chase off the Morlocks with a match.

What is the new setting in Chapter 9 in a long walk to water?

Summary: Chapter 9, Nya: Southern Sudan, 2008
Nya and her family return to their village. Several months pass. One day, not long before the family must leave again for the camp, a Jeep drives into the village.

What happens in chapter 9 of a mighty long way?

In this chapter, Ishmael and his traveling friends encounter discrimination, torture, forgiveness. They learn what it feels like to be ostracized as social pariahs. They also learn the value of kindness and the impact that a single person can make to better the life of another.

What chapter does Salva’s uncle died?

Summary: Chapter 11 Salva: Southern Sudan and Ethiopia, 1985
The group buries Uncle and mourns his death. That night, they resume walking. Salva is numb with grief at the loss of Marial and Uncle, but he feels their strength.