What does Otamatone mean?

The Otamatone is a synthesizer whose body is shaped like an eighth note (quaver) (it also somewhat resembles a tadpole, or a ladle, otamajakushi (お玉杓子 / おたまじゃくし) being Japanese for tadpole and ladle), with sound emerging from a “mouth” on the notehead.

Why does the Otamatone have a face?

Made to resemble a “Tadpole” (or “otamajakushi”) music note, the Otamatone is played with two hands, and makes a quirky, electronic “hum” that can be converted to an “ahh” or “wah” by squeezing the base of the note (which was of course given a face for added cuteness).

Is Otamatone a toy?

The Otamatone is a cute, quirky, and fun to play electronic musical toy characterized by its eighth note-shaped body, adorable moving mouth, and silly, buzzing, amusingly off-key “voice.” Developed by design firm Maywa Denki, it was first released in Japan in 2009 and has been the country’s best-selling musical toy

What sound does an Otamatone?

An Otamatone is a Japanese instrument that’s shaped like a music note and sounds like a theremin or synthesizer.

Is the Otamatone hard to play?

The Otamatone is a musical toy that’s both easy and fun to play! Simply press down on the spine, give the sides of the mouth a squeeze and enjoy!

Are Otamatones cute?

The Otamatone, the brainchild of Japanese art group Maywa Denki, is quite possibly the best and cutest tiny instrument you’ve ever seen.

How loud is an Otamatone?

Quote from video: The first you can see the mouth. That makes a little bit of a wah-wah effect like the mute I'll show you shortly on the violin. But if I don't want to do a wah-wah. Effect. I just moved the otamatone.

How expensive are Otamatones?

Otamatones sell for around $26 on Amazon, and they come in standard colors like white, blue, or black.

How do you say Otamatone?

Quote from video: Hi I'm Galen. And this is automaton my otamatone.

Does Miku Otamatone sound like Miku?

Quote from video:

What is the weird instrument with a face?

The Otamatone

The Otamatone is shaped like a musical note. Sound is produced by sliding a finger up and down the neck. The instrument ends with a Pac-Man-like face that can be squeezed to adjust the pitch. The instrument comes in a variety of sizes and colors.

Is the Otamatone for real?

The Otamatone (Japanese: オタマトーン, Hepburn: Otamatōn) is an electronic musical synthesizer. It was developed in Japan by the CUBE toy company and the Maywa Denki design firm, led by the brothers Masamichi and Nobumichi Tosa.

Does Miku Otamatone sound like Miku?

A: It does sound like Miku, with limited range and quality.

What instrument looks like a face?

The humble Otamatone is a cute (or aggressively annoying… to each their own) instrument that makes digital synthesizer-like noises when you tap or slide your finger along the neck. The toy is essentially a long stick with a round globe attached at the bottom that features two dots to resemble a face.

What instrument is SpongeBob?

Plucked strings. SpongeBob’s ukulele – An instrument that SpongeBob plays in multiple episodes.

What is that weird instrument called?

The theremin

The theremin (/ˈθɛrəmɪn/; originally known as the ætherphone/etherphone, thereminophone or termenvox/thereminvox) is an electronic musical instrument controlled without physical contact by the performer (who is known as a thereminist). It is named after its inventor, Leon Theremin, who patented the device in 1928.