What does slim tell Curley’s hand?

When Lennie smashes Curley’s hand, Slim is the one who intercedes and tells Curley he will not have George and Lennie fired. Slim understands Curley’s fear of ridicule, and he uses that fear to help George and Lennie.

What does slim tell Curley about his damaged hand?

Lennie grabs Curley’s hand and crushes it. Curley has to go to hospital and is told by Slim that he must not reveal the truth of his injury and should say his hand was caught in a machine.

What does Curley’s crushed hand symbolize?

Curley’s hands are mean and cruel and one, of course, is crushed in the machine that is Lennie; Curley’s hand that he keeps soft for his wife is a symbol of his impotence and inability to satisfy his wife sexually.

What advice does slim give to Curley?

As Slim leads Curley away to a doctor, he warns him not to have George and Lennie fired, or he will be made the laughingstock of the ranch. Curley consents not to attempt to have them fired.

What happens to Curley’s hand?

Curley, on the defensive and looking for someone to fight, picks a fight with Lennie and punches him unmercifully. Lennie doesn’t protect himself until George tells him to fight back. When Lennie does, he crushes all the bones in Curley’s hand.

Why did Curley keep his hand soft?

Curley wears a “glove fulla Vaseline” on one hand because, according to Candy, “he’s keepin’ that hand soft for his wife.” Since farm work is physical and tough on a person’s hands, the Vaseline will prevent at least one of Curley’s hands from becoming chapped and rough—something he clearly believes his wife would find

What did Curley get his hand caught in?

Guiltily, Lennie says Curley got his hand caught in a machine. When she continues to talk to Lennie, Crooks tells her she has no right in his room and that he is going to tell the boss to keep her out.

How was Curley’s wife’s death foreshadowed?

The death of Curley’s wife
From the beginning of the novella, Steinbeck foreshadows that Lennie will accidentally kill Curley’s wife while trying to stroke her hair. In the first section, George scolds Lennie for petting mice until they die.

Who crushes Curley’s hand in mice of men?


Lennie grabs Curley’s hand, and although he wasn’t trying to hurt him, he crushes the hand, breaking several bones. 16 Page 2 ………………. www p : Chapter 4 1.

Why does Curley lie about his hand?

Answers 1. Curley is embarrassed, he doesn’t want anyone to know he was hurt in a fight.

Why does Curley agree to what slim told him how to explain his crushed hand?

Slim makes Curley agree to saying that he got his hand crushed in a machine in order to keep George and Lennie from being fired. He threatens to let everyone know that Curley is weak because he lost the fight.

What does Curley’s wife say about the injury to Curley’s hand?

Curley’s wife tells Lennie that she knows that he hurt Curley’s hand. Curley’s wife is mean to Crooks and threatens him.

Why does Curley lie about his hand?

Answers 1. Curley is embarrassed, he doesn’t want anyone to know he was hurt in a fight.

Why doesn t Curley expose the fact that Lennie broke his hand?

Why doesn’t Curley expose the fact that Lennie broke his hand? He is afraid of Slim.

Why does Curley’s wife not have a name?

Steinbeck didn’t want the reader to hate her as much as Curley. By dehumanizing her without naming her, she doesn’t come off as detestable as her antagonist husband. Another literary explanation for Curley’s wife being without a name is that Steinbeck wanted her to be a simple, objective foil in the story.

Who is the loneliest character in Of Mice and Men?


Crooks, Candy and Curley’s wife are the loneliest characters in Of Mice and Men because they are isolated due to their differences. They are separate from the rest of the characters on the ranch.