What era and/or genre do these classical pieces recorded by violinist André Rieu belong to?

What music genre is André Rieu?

Violin superstar André Rieu has made classical music accessible to millions around the world and has turned the waltz into an international sensation, recently extending his record as the highest grossing classical artist in Billboard’s Boxscore history.

Does André Rieu play classical music?

André Léon Marie Nicolas Rieu (French pronunciation: ​[ɑ̃dʁe leɔ̃ maʁi nikɔla ʁijø]; born 1 October 1949) is a Dutch violinist and conductor best known for creating the waltz-playing Johann Strauss Orchestra. Rieu and his orchestra have turned classical and waltz music into a worldwide concert touring act.

What is André Rieu famous for?

Known as the ‘King of Waltz’, André Rieu is a Dutch violinist and conductor, best known for creating the Johann Strauss Orchestra. The 60-piece ensemble performs popular classical and crossover works, with an emphasis on waltzes, often featuring elaborate sets and costumes.

What kind of violin does André Rieu have?

Stradivarius violin

André Rieu’s Stradivarius violin

André started playing the violin at the age of five, and plays a 1667 Stradivarius violin.

How much is André Rieu violin?

André plays an iconic Stradivarius violin worth several million euros, which he keeps with him at all times. Known as ex-Captain Saville, the violin was made in 1667 and is revered for its unrivalled sound.

What year did André Rieu start?


2017. In 2017 André celebrates a very special anniversary: Exactly 30 years ago, in 1987 he founded his Johann Strauss Orchestra!

What is the name of André Rieu’s orchestra?

The Johann Strauss Orchestra

The Johann Strauss Orchestra was founded in 1987. Following six months of rehearsals, we gave our first concert on January 1, 1988. The orchestra began with only twelve members, but now there are 50, sometimes even 60 on very large stages.

Why was Andre Rieu Cancelled?

Andre Rieu Concert Cancelled Due to Orchestra Member’s Heart Attack.

How much does Andre Rieu pay his orchestra?

I need $1 million a month only to pay everybody, and without touring, so you can imagine when we tour it’s even much more. McIntyre: That’s an enormous number.

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Smart casual is what I would be aiming for. Something like you might wear to the theatre over here. Smart jeans, flat shoes, nice blouse, nice jacket.

How is Andre Rieu pronounced?

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How do you pronounce the name André?


  1. IPA: /ˈɑn.dreː/
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  3. Hyphenation: An‧dré