What grade level is the book slacker?

3 – 7

Publisher ‎Scholastic Press; Reissue edition (April 25, 2017)
Reading age ‎9 – 12 years, from customers
Lexile measure ‎710L
Grade level 3 – 7
Item Weight ‎5.6 ounces

What is the book level 13 about?

Cameron Boxer, king of the slackers, has found something worth his time. By playing video games online in front of an audience he can find both fame AND fortune — especially with Elvis (a beaver who seems to love video games as much as Cam) at his side. The only problem? Things keep getting in Cam’s way.

What is the main idea of the book Slacker?

Cameron Boxer has built a lifestyle around playing video games. He’s got a sweet setup in the basement, flies completely under the radar at school, and his biggest problem is deciding which of his friends, Chuck or Pavel, would be the best partner for a huge gaming competition.

What is the theme of level 13 a slacker novel?

The theme of the reluctant anti-hero is brilliantly played out in a series of coincidences set against the credulity of the supporting cast.

Where does the book slacker take place?

The setting in the book Slacker is modern time because cam uses a PlayStation 4 which is a modern game console. Cam is in a middle school called Sycamore middle school, he is twelve years old.

What does book level mean?

ATOS Book Levels are reported using the ATOS readability formula and represent the difficulty of the text. For example, a book level of 4.5 means the text could likely be read independently by a student whose reading skills are at the level of a typical fourth grader during the fifth month of school.

What do the reading levels mean?

A reading level is simply a measure of your child’s ability to read text. It reflects how well your little one can read independently.

What are the levels of reading in elementary school?

The 4 Levels of Reading

  • Elementary Reading. The first level of reading is elementary reading, which is what we learned to do in elementary school. …
  • Inspectional Reading. …
  • Analytical Reading. …
  • Syntopical Reading.

What do the letters on books mean?

These letters and numbers are referred to as call numbers. Call numbers identify where print books are filed on the library shelves.

What reading level should a 4th grader be at?

The average 4th grader will have a Lexile score of 445L to 810L. However, this is true for around 50% of students, with around 25% being below the average, while the other 25% are likely to be above the average. The same study showcased that students can be up to 250L above or below the average.

What reading level should a 2nd grader be at?

In 2nd grade reading, your child should be reading 50 to 60 words a minute at the beginning of the school year and 90 words per minute by the end of the year.