What is sole plate in scaffolding?

Base plates, also referred to as sole plates, are the load-bearing base of a scaffold. They’re used to distribute weight and support the vertical scaffolding poles known as standards. Connecting the base plates to standards ensures a strong scaffolding foundation.

What should be size of base plate in scaffolding?

Bracing: Bracing is a system of braces or ties that prevent distortion of a scaffold. Base Plate: It is a Mild Steel (MS) square plate of 100 mm x 100 mm x 6 mm thick with 38 mm diameter and 75 mm long spigot supporting at bottom to the standard at ground.

What are base plates of a scaffold?

Scaffolding base plates are used at the bottom of scaffold structures. They offer a secure and level base for the scaffolding to be erected from. Safe Fence stock a wide-range of Scaffolding Equipment, Ladders & Jacks, Building Equipment & Accessories conforming to all required safety specifications and regulations.

What is the size of base plate?

They are in common sizes 150 – 200 – 250 and 300 square and 6mm – 10mm or 12mm thick with 4 standard holes in the corners or without holes. They are all supplied in mill finished mild steel.