What is the form of the second movement of Beethoven’s Symphony Number 5?

The second movement, in A♭ major, the subdominant key of C minor’s relative key (E♭ major), is a lyrical work in double variation form, which means that two themes are presented and varied in alternation.

How many movements are in Beethoven Symphony No 5?

four movements

The Fifth Symphony takes the theme of heroic struggle that Beethoven first explored in his Third Symphony and expands it to cover the entire four movements of the symphony.

What movement is Symphony No 5?

There are four movements: an opening sonata allegro, a slower andante, and a fast scherzo which leads straight in to the finale. The symphony was first performed in Vienna’s Theater an der Wien in 1808.

How many movements does Beethoven’s Symphony No 5 have quizlet?

The symphony was composed from 1807-1808 and has four movements.