What is the gist of Chapter 8 in a mighty long way?

Chapter 8 is based on what Carlotta does after all the schools are shut down. After schools were ruled integrated by the supreme court,Llittle Rock decided to shut down the four schools in the area around the little rock nine.

What is the gist of Chapter 9 in a mighty long way?

In this chapter, Ishmael and his traveling friends encounter discrimination, torture, forgiveness. They learn what it feels like to be ostracized as social pariahs. They also learn the value of kindness and the impact that a single person can make to better the life of another.

What is the gist of a mighty long way Chapter 7?

Lesson Summary

In chapter 7 of A Long Way Gone, Ishmael becomes separated from Junior, Gibrilla, and his other friends when the village where they have been staying, Kamator, is attacked by rebels. The imam is in the middle of praying when the rebels kidnap him and burn him at the stake in the middle of the village.

What is the gist of Chapter 10 in a mighty long way?

Summary: Chapter 10. A year has passed now since Ishmael and Junior left Mogbwemo. As the boys continue their journey, Ishmael is troubled by uncertainty about the fate of his family and his own future. One night, a boy named Saidu speaks earnestly about their ordeal.

What is the gist of Chapter 11 of a mighty long way?

Willie writes home to his father, expressing his relief that Dublin is returning to normal, and his love for the men of his battalion. News of the events at home stir the beginnings of debate among the Irishmen.

What is the gist of Chapter 9 A Long Walk to Water?

Chapter 9 of A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park is about how Salva makes it through the desert with his uncle’s help, one step at a time. Crossing the desert was the hardest part of the journey for Salva. His shoes fall apart, his feet get wounded by thorns and stones, and he is so thirsty.

What is the main idea of chapter 9 in Freak the Mighty?

Summary: Chapter 9: Life Is Dangerous

One day, Freak tells Max to head east. Max doesn’t know where east is, so Freak shows him his compass, which to Max looks just like an Official Cub Scout Compass. No, Freak tells him, this is the compass Lancelot used. Max laughs at the idea that Sir Lancelot was a Cub Scout.

What is the gist of chapter 6 in A Mighty Long Way?

Summary: Chapter 6

As a group, the six boys inspire fear in people who do not know them. At one village, they are captured by armed men. The men bring the boys before the village chief, and just as the chief is about to order the boys drowned, one of the men finds a cassette tape in Ishmael’s pocket.

What is the gist of chapter 7 in A Long Walk to Water?

Chapter 7 of A Long Walk to Water is about Nya and Salva relying on others to help them survive their dangerous environments. Nya’s sister Akeer’s illness is getting worse. The family must decide whether to try and bring her to a medical clinic that is far away. Salva and his group continue their journey.

What is Freak the Mighty chapter 7 about?

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How are the boys cursed in Chapter 9 of a long way gone?

At the end of the day, Ishmael’s feet are covered with peeling flesh and congealed blood laced with sand. The group collapses in a hut, and the man who lives there tends their injuries and feeds them. The boys must stay and heal their feet before they can move on.

What was the setting in Freak the Mighty Chapter 9?

The two boys walk for miles until finally they end up at a medical research building. Freak tells Max they do medical experiments in there. In fact, there’s an experimental bionics unit that’s developing a bionic robot for human modification.

When the boys first see the Atlantic Ocean in Chapter 9?

One morning, the boys hear some weird sounds like rolling thunder. Finally, they figure it out—they’ve reached the Atlantic Ocean. They’ve never seen the ocean before, so they celebrate a little and take some time to relax.

What happened in chapter 9 of my side of the mountain?

In Chapters 9 and 10 of My Side of the Mountain, Sam continues to improve his standard of living in the woods. Alongside his falcon Frightful, Sam befriends a weasel that he names The Baron. Sam makes his own salt by boiling hickory sticks until only a salty residue is left in the can.

What happens in chapter 8 of my side of the mountain?

Chapter 8: What I Did About the First Man Who Was After Me

At first he is scared about being caught, then realizes he need not return to his tree. Instead, he checks a trap, finds a rabbit caught there, and then chooses a place where he could watch his tree from a distance.

What happens in Chapter 8 of the boy at the top of the mountain?

Chapter 8 Summary: “The Brown Paper Package”

Nearly a year after moving to Berghof, Pierrot is getting along relatively well. He has settled into a routine centered on school in Berchtesgaden, where he doesn’t exactly fit in, but experiences only mild bullying for having a French accent.