What is the main theme of the medicine bag?

Learn From Your EldersLearn From Your Elders” or “The Young Learning from the Experienced”. This theme refers to when a child, or a person younger than the adult/elder, learns from their adult/elder. In the short story, the great-grandfather teaches Martin the value of the Medicine Bag.

What does the medicine bag represent?

The medicine bag is passed down through the males from one generation to the next. It represents their family’s vision quest and history. The medicine bag has a great cultural significance to the Sioux. The medicine bag represents the grandfather and the family’s Sioux heritage through the story.

What does Martin learn in the medicine bag?

His grandfather gives Martin a medicine bag that he had received from his own father, Iron Shell. From the grandfather’s tale of his own father’s story, Martin learns something about his Lakota people and something about himself. He learns to value tradition.

Which statement expresses the main theme of the short story the medicine bag?

Which statement expresses the main theme of the story? One’s culture and the traditions associated with it are something to be proud of, not ashamed.

What are 3 symbols in the medicine bag?

What are some common symbols in the Medicine Bag? the medicine bag, the iron, the sacred sage, the pebble from the butte.

What is the purpose of symbolism?

The importance of symbolism can be seen in the earliest recorded forms of human storytelling—cave paintings and hieroglyphics—which are quite literally symbols representing more complex narratives or beliefs. Symbolism allows writers to express complex ideas while giving the reader a visual, sensory experience.

What is the climax of the medicine bag?

The climax in the story is when Grandpa passes out. Definition- The feeling the reader gets from a work of Literature. Another way to describe a story’s mood is atmosphere.

What is the summary of the medicine bag story?

In this short story, a boy’s Sioux grandpa visits with the intention of giving him a medicine bag, a small leather bag that contains holy items, herbs, and family symbols. A person wears a medicine bag under their clothes to bring them protection and good health.

What is the main conflict in the medicine bag?

Conflict- it is a primary conflict between martin and his heritage (mainly being ashamed of the truth behind it. resolution-The resolution of the story medicine bag is that even though death is painful, it is a natural part of life. Summary! This story is about a boy and his sister Cheryl and their great grandfather.

What does Martin come to realize in this story?

It shows that Martin finally realized his lie and realized that there was no need to laugh at a dying old man, that was usual, but rather he would be the joke because he lied a lot just to keep his reputation steady, also this shows readers the emotional impact of being caught for a lie.

How did Martin change in the medicine bag?

Once he finally experiences an important scene with his Grandpa and has the talk about the past, Martin changes into a person that respects his culture, isn’t embarrassed by his Grandpa, and also learns more about the symbol of his heritage that put Martin on a path to manhood.

What does Martin think about wearing the medicine bag?

Martin is upset or unhappy about being given the medicine bag. He is especially unhappy about having to wear it because he is worried about what his friends will say if they see it.

How does Martin view of the medicine bag change?

At first Martin thought the medicine bag was ugly and that people would fun of him for wearing it but he eventually changes his mind. After seeing how his friends reacted to Grandpa, he decided his friends wouldn’t make fun of him.