What movie is Heart of Glass by Blondie in?

What show is Heart of Glass in?

“Heart of Glass” (CSI: NY), a television episode.

What movie is Call Me Blondie in?

American Gigolo

Today in 1980, Blondie released “Call Me”, the main theme song of the 1980 film “American Gigolo“.

When was Heart of Glass number 1?

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What platform is where the heart is on?

Watch Where the Heart Is – Stream Movies | HBO Max.

Is Heart shot a series?

Right, well with the 2022 feature “Heart Shot” being a short film running at 19 minutes, you’re not in for an in-depth venture into the storyline. But I will say that writers Lauren Ludwig and Marielle Woods actually managed to put together a very intense short film here.

What is Blondie’s best album?

Blondie albums ranked from worst to best:

  1. Parallel Lines (1978) As soon as it was invented, it was tarnished and, by and large, finished.
  2. Eat to the Beat (1979)
  3. Blondie (1976)
  4. Plastic Letters (1978)
  5. No Exit (1999)
  6. Autoamerican (1980)
  7. Pollinator (2017)
  8. The Curse of Blondie (2003)

Did Blondie have any number one hits?

Blondie – Heart Of Glass (House Of Gucci) • [Trailer #1 Song …

What movies is Barracuda by Heart in?

WHERE HAS BARRACUDA BEEN USED? This song can be heard in the movies Wag the Dog (1997), Charlie’s Angels (2000), Roll Bounce (2005), You Again (2010), The Campaign (2012) and Identity Thief (2013). TV series to feature the song include The Sopranos, Chuck and My Name Is Earl.

What show was total eclipse of the heart in?

There’s no more light at all.” According to Playbill, “Total Eclipse of the Heart” appeared in the musical Dance of the Vampires. Steinman revealed this was fitting. “I actually wrote [‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’] to be a vampire love song,” he said.

What movies were Total Eclipse of the Heart in?

Bonnie Tyler

# Movie Year
1 Bandits 2001
2 Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle 2004
3 The Strangers Prey at Night 2018