What were the specifics of Prince’s “$100 million contract” with Warner Bros. Records in 1992?

What was Prince’s deal?

When Prince signed a $100m, six-album deal with Warner Bros in 1992, it was biggest contract ever signed by a solo artist. But it came with a heavy price – Warner Bros received ownership of Prince’s entire body of work.

What did Warner Brothers do to Prince?

Prince accused Warner of treating him like a slave, so he went out in public with “slave” written on his face. He had done this in a video for ‘Dolphin’, a few live shows and for the 1995 BRIT Awards. Making a point to the public about how he felt he was a slave, saying the industry was slavery.

What is the biggest record deal ever?

Check out the most valuable record deals ever:

  • Lil Wayne — $150 million (2012)
  • Jay Z — $150 million (2008)
  • Bruce Springsteen — $150 million (2005)
  • Adele — $130 million (2016)
  • Robbie Williams — $125 million (2002)
  • Madonna — $120 million (2012)
  • Whitney Houston — $100 million (2001)
  • Prince — $100 million (1992)

How much was the first record deal?

Early 1900s: The Advent of the Record Label

The deal gave one artist $4000 per song, plus 40 cents (or 26% to 40%) per sale, and resulted in the States’ first platinum seller, a 78rpm opera piece.

How much money did Warner Brothers make off Prince?

Approximately $30 million. “This $100-million figure is so ridiculous,” said one industry insider. “No company could afford to pay Prince that. Based on what he has sold recently, they’d go broke.”
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Who has the biggest music contract?

And prior to Drake’s historic deal, Michael Jackson held the top spot as having the largest deal in music history, with $250 million going to his estate in 2010 from Sony Music. From this rubric, it seems like Drake has the largest deal in music history.

Does Warner Bros own Prince?

Warner Brothers took the name, trademarked it, and used it as the main marketing took to promote all of the music I wrote. “The company owns the name Prince and all related music marketed under Prince. I became merely a pawn used to produce more money for Warner Brothers.”

When did Prince resign with Warner Brothers?

Prince signed with Warner Bros records in 1977 and together they released the biggest albums of his career, including Purple Rain, Sign O The Times and the soundtrack to Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman movie.

Did Prince sue his fans?

Prince to Do a Guest Spot on ‘New Girl’

To avoid Facebook reinstating the content, Prince filed his lawsuit. But efforts to serve Chodera in France and Jindrova in the Czech Republic have so far been unsuccessful, the lawsuit said. Reached by email for a comment, Chodera and Jindrova responded with “We love Prince!”