What were your initial thoughts about the character of Oedipus?

How would you describe the character of Oedipus?

Born from myth, Sophocles’ Oedipus figures as the tragic hero who kills his father and marries his mother. A victim of fate vilified by all, he discovers his own corruption and tears out his eyes in self-punishment — a symbolic castration for his incestuous sin.

What can you say about Oedipus?

Oedipus, in Greek mythology, the king of Thebes who unwittingly killed his father and married his mother. Homer related that Oedipus’s wife and mother hanged herself when the truth of their relationship became known, though Oedipus apparently continued to rule at Thebes until his death.

How would you describe Oedipus attitude at the beginning of the play?

At the beginning of Oedipus the King, Oedipus is hugely confident, and with good reason. He has saved Thebes from the curse of the Sphinx and become king virtually overnight.

What is your first impression of Oedipus?

Terms in this set (63) What is your first impression of Oedipus? He seems to be a very proud and arrogant king. What characteristics of Oedipus are you aware of after he gives the opening speech?

What is the lesson of the story Oedipus the King?

In his attempt to flee from fate, Oedipus doomed himself to fulfill his destiny. The moral of the story is that you cannot control your destiny.

What are the lessons learned from the story of Oedipus?

Moral Lesson: You can’t always control what your destiny is. You can steer it in the right path though. Also if you want something done it is better to do it yourself. If you don’t do it yourself don’t rely on anybody else.

Is Oedipus a hero or villain?

Though Sophocles crafted Oedipus long before Aristotle developed his ideas, Oedipus fits Aristotle’s definition with startling accuracy. He is the tragic hero par excellence and richly deserves the title as “the ideal tragic hero.”

What does Oedipus realize about himself?

At the end of his life, Oedipus finally recognizes that a selfless sacrifice can only redeem his tragedies. Everything else he has done has gone awry because he set himself against the gods and attempted to deflect the prophecies.

What are Oedipus’s major character flaws?

King Oedipus, though a smart, capable, and caring ruler, is blinded by a tragic flaw (a weakness that a person can’t overcome). His weakness is hubris, an excessive pride that makes him ignore his ancient Greek belief in the superiority of the gods.

What is Oedipus’s main character flaw?

Oedipus fits this precisely, for his basic flaw is his lack of knowledge about his own identity. Moreover, no amount of foresight or preemptive action could remedy Oedipus’ hamartia; unlike other tragic heroes, Oedipus bears no responsibility for his flaw.

How is Oedipus a complex character?

In the first play of Sophocles’ trilogy, Oedipus Rex, we are introduced to Oedipus. He is a very complex and very human character. We learn first that he is quite intelligent and clever, yet, we see, right away, his pride, which is often a fatal flaw that destroys the main characters.

What characteristics make Oedipus a tragic hero?

Oedipus is a model of Aristotle’s tragic hero: he is a part of the nobility, his character flaws exacerbate his poor judgment, he loses his kingdom, and he discovers truth through his downfall.