What’s a good strategy for adjusting pole pieces?

What does adjusting pole pieces do?

Also, you can transform your pickup’s tone by adjusting the overall pickup height further from the strings and raising the pole pieces closer to the strings. Doing so gives the guitar’s pickup a more transparent, quieter, and acoustic tone.

How do you adjust p90 pole pieces?

Quote from video: So they'll raise the D and the G in the middle kind of create that natural arch of the fretboard radius in conjunction. With each of the p90. So start there in general I go for balance.

How do you adjust the height of a humbucker pole?

Quote from video: And you could aim for 1/32 of an inch and this is the height that we find gives a very very good sound. Now using my micrometer I've got it set to one point two millimeters.

How high should humbuckers be?

For standard, full-size humbuckers, a reasonable starting point for the bridge pickup is at least 1/16″ (1.5mm) from the high E and 5/64″ (2 mm) from the low E. There are no recommended distances for the other 4 strings.

How high should pickups be Les Paul?

Q: How close to the strings should the pickups on my Gibson Les Paul be? A: Gibson recommends 3/32″ on the bass string side and 1/16″ on the treble string side.

Does adjusting truss rod affect tone?

A tighter truss rod will produce a brighter tone, but you’re mixing apples and oranges when you bring neck angle into that same discussion. The neck angle is unaffected by relief. Playability and 12th fret string height are affected by relief, but not the neck angle.

How far should p90s be from strings?

The truth is that you might find the tone you are looking for anywhere from the closest you can get those puppies to the strings all the way to as far as you can get them away from the strings (about 6-7mm is as far as you can go on a Les Paul style guitar).

Are p90s adjustable?

Dogear P90 Shims INFO:

Sure, P90’s have adjustable pole pieces, but, those are for micro-fine-tuning the string-to-string balance, not adjusting the entire pickup. Let’s dig into how we can measure for Shims if you need one (or two)! We have three shim sizes available: 0.0626″ (1/16″) (1.6mm)

How high should Telecaster pickups be?


Bass Side Treble Side
Vintage style 6/64″ (2.4 mm) 5/64″ (2 mm)
Noiseless™ Series 8/64″ (3.6 mm) 6/64″ (2.4 mm)
Standard Single-Coil 5/64″ (2 mm) 4/64″ (1.6 mm)
Humbuckers 4/64″ (1.6 mm) 4/64″ (1.6 mm)

What is the purpose of pole pieces in electric motors?

A pole piece is a piece of magnetic material that forms an extension of the magnetic circuit in an electric motor, and is used to concentrate the magnetic field where it will be most effective. The current in the rotor creates a magnetic flux that reacts with the pole piece to create torque.

What happens when you adjust truss rod?

By adjusting the truss rod, the bow in a guitar neck can be straightened out. If you tighten a truss rod, it will gradually move the neck away from a forward bow (called relief) and towards a back-bow. If you loosen a truss rod, it releases tension in the neck and gradually moves the neck into a forward bow (relief).

Is truss rod adjustment necessary?

With a truss rod that is functioning properly, there are only two things that might require the neck to be adjusted: A change in string gauge (higher or lower tension) or. A change in weather humidity (which can cause the neck to expand or contract).