Where is Athena’s fortune hideout?

The Hideout is physically located under The Ferry of the Damned, which itself is located under The Glorious Sea Dog Tavern.

Where are athenas fortune voyages?

To pick up an Athena Voyage, pirates must visit the Athena’s Fortune Hideout and speak to the Pirate Lord. While only Pirate Legends may obtain the Voyage or place it on the Voyage Table, any pirate may vote on an Athena Voyage, or be part of the crew that is on an Athena Voyage.

How do you get on top of Athena’s fortune?

How to get on top of Athena’s fortune

  1. At the entrance of the pirate lord’s cabin, there is a bit of ship sticking out to the left of the stairs leading up to the doorway, jump on it’s edge.
  2. (Tricky) sword dash + jump at the same time onto the top of the pub.

Where is Athena in sea of thieves?

Quote from video: Now let's address the nature of these voyages. The regular athena voyage is in the main region there's a higher chance of completing that undetected. Between other ships during random voyages. And

How do you grind Athena?

Quote from video: Step two get yourself an athena emissary quest in the same area of the map you're. In step three lower your emissary flag. And finally step four repeat this entire process until either you are bored.

How much do Athena chests sell for?

Quote from video:

How long do Athena voyages take?

All voyages should be able to be completed in 30 minutes. Yes, it should be challenging; but NOT time-draining.

How do I get Athena’s fortune emissary?

The Athena’s Fortune Emissary Quest can be claimed from the Mysterious Stranger in any Outpost Tavern once a Crew has progressed to Emissary Grade V as an Athena’s Fortune Trading Company Emissary. Only one Emissary Quest can be claimed per Emissary Flag.

How do I get the new pirate legend voyage?

To start the voyage, you will first need to purchase it for 250 gold from the Pirate Lord in the Pirate Legend Hideout. As soon as you vote on and start the voyage, the Pirate Lord will appear on your ship and remind you what’s at stake. The Veil of the Ancients will also appear on your ship during his speech.

Where can I sell Athena’s fortune loot?

Athena’s Treasure can be sold to the Mysterious Stranger at any Tavern for Gold and Athena’s Fortune Reputation.

What is the most valuable loot in Sea of Thieves?

The most valuable treasure in the Sea of Thieves is the Box of Wondrous Secrets. It is arguably the rarest item in the game that can still be obtained.

Why do people want Athena Chests?

These Chests are one of the more valuable Treasure items in the game, they are to be sold to the Mysterious Stranger for Gold and Athena’s Fortune Reputation. Additionally, players can find individual Athena’s Treasure Items in the Voyages.