Where is Jamie Dailey from?

Jamie Dailey, who grew up about an hour and a half east of Nashville in Gainesboro, is one-half of popular bluegrass duo Daily & Vincent.

When was Jamie Dailey born?

Dailey was born in Corbin, Kentucky, on June 9, 1975. His parents, Gainesboro natives J.B. Dailey and Judith Hailey Nevins, were in Corbin on business when he was born, and they returned almost immediately to their home in Gainesboro.

Who is Jamie Dailey father?

Jamie Dailey also comes from a musical family: his father, guitarist J.B. Dailey, was a founding member of The Four J’s, a regional gospel quartet.

What happened to Jamie Dailey?

Jamie Dailey, from the bluegrass group Dailey and Vincent, now has a second career – saving his hometown Gainesboro in Jackson County. Dailey grew up in Gainesboro, nestled in Jackson County. You may know it for Cummins Falls. It put the county on the map.

What is Dailey and Vincent doing now?

Dailey & Vincent have continued to record and tour prolifically, taking their show overseas and throughout the United States. As of 2021, they have received five GRAMMY Awards individually, three GRAMMY nominations collectively, six Dove Awards from the Gospel Music Association and 35 IBMA Awards altogether.

What brand guitar does Jamie Dailey play?

Try watching this video on www.youtube.com, or enable JavaScript if it is disabled in your browser. Jamie Dailey plays a Vintage Dread with Honduran Rosewood Back and Sides. He got it after playing Darrin Vincent’s Dread on Dailey & Vincent’s award winning first CD, “Dailey & Vincent”.

Who is the new singer with Dailey and Vincent?

Aaron McCune

Aaron has filled in for Richard Sterban of the Oak Ridge Boys, he has sang for Wynonna and Willie Nelson.

Are Dailey and Vincent married?

Vincent prefers to live in the Tennessee countryside with his wife, four children and dogs. He handles the logistics of the band’s touring schedule. Dailey lives in Nashville, is not married and doesn’t have children. He assumes the vast majority of the group’s songwriting responsibilities.