Which Super Bowl has a power outage?

Super Bowl XLVIISuper Bowl XLVII clash between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers in New Orleans has been interrupted by a power cut. Play was stopped for 34 minutes by the outage, which happened shortly after Beyonce’s half-time performance. Officials at the stadium blamed the power failure on a blown transformer.

Why did the power go out in Super Bowl 47?

The failure of a device that was meant to protect the power supply to the Superdome caused the Super Bowl XLVII blackout, the stadium’s power company said on Friday as it took the blame for the outage that brought the game to a halt for 34 minutes.

What year did Super Bowl lose power?


2013 Super Bowl — Power outage stops game at Super Bowl XLVII.

Why did 50 hang upside down Super Bowl?

The rapper made a surprise appearance in the 2022 Super Bowl half-time show by performing his 2003 classic, ‘In Da Club’, hanging upside down from the ceiling — an ode to the track’s iconic music video.

Why did the Bengals give up in the Super Bowl?

For the second straight time, the Bengals lost the Super Bowl because of a late-game play in the end zone. The Bengals got one last chance, and Burrow made it to 4th and 1 from the Rams’ 49-yard line with 43 seconds left.

What is the biggest Super Bowl loss?

The biggest blowouts in Super Bowl history

  1. Super Bowl XXIV: San Francisco 49ers 55, Denver Broncos 10.
  2. Super Bowl XX: Chicago Bears 46, New England Patriots 10.
  3. Super Bowl XXVII: Dallas Cowboys 52, Buffalo Bills 17.
  4. Super Bowl XLVIII: Seattle Seahawks 43, Denver Broncos 8.
  5. Super Bowl XXII: Washington 42, Denver Broncos 10.

Who lost the Super Bowl the most?

The Denver Broncos ( 3–5 ) and Patriots have each lost a record five Super Bowls. The Minnesota Vikings ( 0–4 ) and the Bills have lost four.

Has anybody been shut out in the Super Bowl?

Surprisingly, no team has ever been shutout in Super Bowl history, while the most points ever given up in a Super Bowl is 55. Their have been some great defensive performances in Super Bowl history, but here are the 10 greatest by a team of all-time.

How long was the blackout in Super Bowl 47?

A few minutes into the second half of Super Bowl XLVII between the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens, there was a 34-minute power outage that led to a complete change in momentum and allowed Kaepernick and the 49ers to climb back into the game.

What interrupted play in Super Bowl 47 for 34 minutes?

One event in Super Bowl XLVII changed the whole trajectory of the game. Baltimore was controlling the game, and it looked like the Ravens were ready to pull away from the 49ers. But then the lights went out in the stadium, which caused a 34-minute delay.

Is Super Bowl overtime sudden death?

If the other team scores a touchdown, it wins the game. Here’s what’s different about the postseason (including the Super Bowl): Unlike in the regular season, after a 15-minute overtime period, the game doesn’t end in a tie. We start ‘er up with another coin flip and do the whole thing over again.