Who created the congregational song style called Lutheran chorale?

The chorale originated when Martin Luther translated sacred songs into the vernacular language (German), contrary to the established practice of church music near the end of the first quarter of the 16th century.

Who invented Lutheran chorale?

Johann Walter (1496–1570) Sebald Heyden (1499–1561)

What era of music is Lutheran chorale?

German Baroque era

It is principally from the German Baroque era. The organizing principle is the words and music of a Lutheran hymn. Usually a chorale cantata includes multiple movements or parts. Most chorale cantatas were written between approximately 1650 and 1750.

Who composed music for the Lutheran church?

Johann Sebastian Bach

Johann Sebastian Bach, a devout Lutheran, composed music for the Lutheran church: more than half of his over 1000 compositions are or contain Lutheran hymns.

What are the sources of Lutheran chorales?

The words of the Lutheran chorales were often Latin hymn texts translated into the vernacular. The melodies were often borrowed from secular song and therefore displayed great melodic and structural simplicity. Martin Luther’s own versions were often more irregular than the polished versions that later predominated.

Who started the Lutheran church and why?

A German monk, Luther began the Protestant movement in 1517 by rebelling against the authority of the Catholic Church. He was excommunicated by the Catholic Church in 1521 and went on to found “the churches of the Augsburg confession,” the precursor to the Lutheran Church.

Where did the word chorale come from?

The word comes from the German Choralgesang, “choral song,” with its Latin root of cantus choralis, “song belonging to a choir.”

What is chorale style in music?

A chorale is a simple melody, often based on Gregorian chant, written for congregations to sing hymns. Chorale settings can be vocal, instrumental, or both. Although the bulk of them are German in origin, and predominantly baroque in style, chorale settings span many countries and musical periods.

What is chorale style music theory?

Chorale textures are those in which there is a chord for every (or nearly every) melody note. A familiar example of chorale texture is the “Star-Spangled Banner.” In the following example by Schubert, the melody at times moves in a slightly different rhythm that the chords below.

What was Bach’s great chorale work called?

Also termed the “chorale cantata year“, the cycle has been called “the largest musical project that the composer ever undertook”. In later years, Bach added several works for any occasions he had omitted during the year.

How many chorales did Luther write?

37 chorales

Luther wrote 37 chorales, 15 of which are original composition. Thirteen were derived from Latin hymns or church music. Four were taken from German religious folk songs. Only one of the 37 came from a secular folk song.

When was the first Lutheran hymn composed?


The First Lutheran hymnal, published in 1524 as Etlich Cristlich lider / Lobgesang und Psalm (Some Christian songs / canticle, and psalm), often also often referred to as the Achtliederbuch (Book with eight songs, literally Eightsongsbook), was the first Lutheran hymnal.