Who is Connor Murphy deh?

Who is Connor’s sister deh?


Zoe is the youngest member of the Murphy family, daughter to Cynthia Murphy and Larry Murphy, sister to Connor Murphy. She is sixteen years of age, making her one year younger than her brother.

Who is Connor’s dad in Dear Evan Hansen?

Larry Murphy

In the original stage production, Larry Mora’s name is Larry Murphy. He is Conner’s white biological father. When Pino came on board, there was no question that his character would reflect him. So, Chbosky and Levenson decided to rewrite Larry as Conner’s Latino stepfather.

Did Connor abuse Zoe?

Zoe Murphy

Zoe is Connor’s younger sister, and before and during Requiem she admits that he was abusive towards her, claiming he slammed on her door and even threatened to kill her (though Connor disagrees with this claim in the book.)

Does Zoe like Evan?

Zoe is Evan’s crush at the beginning of the musical. She is popular and doesn’t care what people think of her. When her brother dies and Evan claims he was friends with Connor, Zoe starts growing closer to Evan. After Evan creates the Connor project she starts dating him.

Is Evan Hansen the villain?

He doesn’t recognize his mother is struggling, he lies to a grieving family, and he manipulates Connor’s sister into liking him under false pretense. Evan Hansen is a villain.

How does Evan Hansen end?

They share a moment before parting ways, in which Evan asks why she wanted to meet him at the orchard. She says it was a way to finally get him to come and see the orchard. Evan mentally writes himself one last letter reflecting on the impact he has had on his community and finally accepts himself (“Finale”).