Who is the best rhythm guitarist of all time?

The Best Rhythm Guitarists of All Time

  • Keith Richards. (The Rolling Stones) genaro garcia. …
  • Pete Townshend. (The Who) theENID. …
  • Malcolm Young. (AC/DC) acdcVEVO. …
  • James Hetfield. (Metallica) Metallica. …
  • John Lennon. (The Beatles) TheBeatlesVEVO. …
  • Joan Jett. blackheartrec. …
  • Nile Rodgers. BBC Music. …
  • Albert Hammond Jr. & Nick Valensi.

Who is the best metal rhythm guitarist?

So now, we’ll be checking out some of the greatest rhythm players in rock and metal.

  • Keith Richards.
  • Dave Grohl.
  • Scott Ian.
  • Izzy Stradlin.
  • Chris Cornell.
  • Dave Mustaine.
  • James Hetfield.
  • Malcolm Young. Malcolm is, without a doubt, one of the best things that happened to rock music.

Who is rated the best guitarist in the world?

Top 10 Best Guitarists of All Time

Rank Guitarist Top Strength
1 Guthrie Govan All-Around Technical Virtuoso
2 Pat Metheny Jazz Voicing & Picking
3 Tommy Emmanuel One-Man Band
4 Steve Vai Technical & Harmonic Prowess

Who is the best rock guitarist?

The best guitarists in history:

  • Jimmy Hendrix.
  • Eric Clapton.
  • Jeff Beck.
  • Chuck Berry.
  • Stevie Ray Vaughan.
  • Joe Satriani.
  • Steve Vai.
  • Yngwie Malmsteen.

Who plays the rhythm guitar?

Some bands have guitar players who only play rhythm. This is usually the case when there are two guitar players in a band, or when a band is relying on another instrument (such as keys) as the lead. However, you’ll also see one-guitar bands with rhythm-only players in genres such as punk and alternative music.

Who does Eric Clapton think is the best guitarist?

However, the greatest, according to Eric Clapton, the bonafide guitar god, is Albert Lee. The guitarist has worked with some big names, including Emmylou Harris and The Everly Brothers. Considering Clapton’s appraisal, we all should be listening to Lee: “He’s the greatest guitarist in the world. The ultimate virtuoso.